Spencer Pratt Rips on Kate Hudson Breast Implants, Kim Kardashian Cat Pic, Dr. 90210, Snooki

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The inventors of Twitter must have had Spencer Pratt in mind.

Whether it's in retaliation for media criticism of Heidi Montag, a ploy for whatever attention he can get, or simply out of boredom, dude is in rare form of late.

Just a few days removed from an epic rant against Audrina Patridge's "Tijuana plastic surgery" and various other celebrities, The Hills star is at it once again.

This time it's another rumored plastic surgery recipient - Kate Hudson - who drew his Tweeting wrath as Spencer feels her (rumored) boob job is inadequate.

"How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts," he Twittered Monday. "Kate H - get ur money back. I gotta guy who will hook you up!"

A fair question ... and a generous offer. What a humanitarian.

Pimp Daddy Pratt

Breast implants or not, Kate Hudson isn't Spencer's type.

Kate Hudson reportedly had breast implants of some kind put in recently, but her "new" chest looks an awful lot like her old one. Which is fine, of course.

But Spencer Pratt, who's been defending his wife from major negativity surrounding her recent plastic surgery bonanza, as not impressed, that's for sure.

He didn't stop at Kate, either.

Pratt took aim at Robert Rey - a.k.a. Dr. 90210 - who recently criticized Heidi, calling him a hypocrite, seeing as his daughter is totally "into plastic."

Branching out, he took on Kim Kardashian's kat kontroversy from yesterday, saying "Come on KK America's alrealy seen way too much of ur pu$$y."

Wow. Finally, for reasons unknown (aside from Twitter making it so easy) he bashed Snooki from Jersey Shore, posting "SNOOKI everyone" and this:

Harsh, Spencer. That is harsh.


Who cares about boob jobs or other plastic surgery. Why don't you go after the people that do good, help the poor or injured. Who gives money to help without looking for publisity.


i have a friend who got implants, and she was only able to go so big, because she was very flat, and her skin would only stretch so far. In a few years she could go back and go bigger, but the skin only stretches so far.


I have no idea wtf Spencer is talking about.He needs surgery on his whole face. He is one of the ugliest guys in Hollywood. Hes nothing but an ignorant fuck !


Lol.. That is funny... thanks


Spencer, you're such a freak!!!! I think Kate looks great, and at least she looks natural. Heidi looks like a plastic Barbie doll and she was far more beautiful before all the plastic surgeries. These suguries have really aged her.


Kate's boob job is funny, and Spencer is right about that one.


what an idiot, he just wants attention. None for you fancy spency, look at your nasty little trashy wife, before you open your mouth about anyone. Your 15 minutes are now up.


Hilarious! I am starting to like this guy!

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