Sources: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx and Others Have Large Penises

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How did Brian Austin Green land Megan Fox?

Why did Heather Locklear date David Spade?

What inspired Jennifer Love Hewitt to sleep with Jamie Kennedy?

Finally, after years of wondering about such dating mysteries, we've been supplied with the answer: these men are among those in Hollywood that have penises longer than eight inches.

That's what sources tell Life & Style, at least, as the tabloid reports these well-endowed gents "have nicknames like Tripod and Crooked Stick."

Leo Waves
The Foxx

Read Between the Thighs: A five-fingered wave, plus a two-fingered peace sign, plus one Ashton Kutcher equals eight inches of manhood.

Does this mean Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Foxx (pictured, all of whom are also on the list) have been bragging about their girth around town? Not exactly.

"Most of these guys don't know one another," the magazine states. "But as so many of their exes in LA have been spreading around the gossip about them, when they bump into each other, they give a knowing nod."

Moreover, when they bump uglies with the opposite sex, they give a thrust that few can equal.


Classy article...

@ Sue

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Jamie Foxx had a scene in that football movie where he is only wearing underwear. Didnt seem big


At the start of DiCaprio`s film career he did a nude scene and his penis was what is referred to as micro. I have heard that erect he is about 5 inches.

@ Viveca

Don't lie. He is a stallion, and if he's 5 inches, he was the same circumference was but I don't remember, because I was in heaven.


there nothin wrong with havin that kind of package lol


SEEXXXYYYYYYYY teeehee *blush* Well, heck, the more male, the better lol jk Really it prob is more about HOW you use it than size, but when Leo is your fantasy at night any headline that mentions male genatilia just spells H-O-T. I'm all estrogen attracted to all testosterone - and that beautiful carved face of Leo's does it ;) =P Teehee *blush* P.S. More headlines like these are more exciting! (in more ways than one ;) =P


who cares?? it's not the size of the wand; it's the "magic" in it.


Good for them! Livin' life to the... um... fullest. Ahem.


.......................And BIG bank accounts. I don't see how
Leo gets his big FACE/HEAD out of the way. He looks like his mom wacked him into the wall when he was little and flattened his face into a iron skillet. He probably has to have two pillows
to lay his head down. That's why he's single---no room for anybody else.


Only a woman, or a castrated prude would say a guy wouldn't want a little free advertising. Women only have to show up to have sex. A guy has to find a willing partner. A little free publicity never hurt any guys chances unless it was bad publicity. I had girls knocking on my dorm room door wanting sex. Nothing wrong with that, except it got in the way of my studies on occasions, but I aimed to please. I might have hurt my street cred. lol.


Er, who really cares and btw....ouch!

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