Sources: Elin Nordegren Woods to Divorce Tiger

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Tiger Woods and fed-up wife Elin Nordegren Woods appear headed to divorce court as attempts to heal their shattered union apparently came up short.

Elin has already met with a divorce lawyer, according to reports, and the final straw in their disintegrating marriage may have been his return to golf.

Or the creepy Tiger Woods Nike ad that accompanied it.

The New York Daily News, People, and his hometown Orlando Sentinel confirm the divorce lawyer meeting, and ET says the marriage is “indeed over.”

Numerous reports say Elin Nordegren was irate over the Nike ad that aired during last week's Masters featuring the voice of Woods’ late father, Earl.

Already concerned that he was insincere in his efforts to change his ways and put family first, the ad spot is said to have pushed her over the edge.

Will Tiger Woods' next drive be to divorce court?

According to ET, Woods believed his trip to rehab stint for sex addiction would be enough to keep his family together. Only temporarily, it seems. If that.

Elin is reportedly fixing up the $2 million house she purchased in her native country, fueling rumors that she is moving to Sweden for good this summer.

There is speculation that she will choose to live there with her kids after a split with Woods ... and it would be hard to blame her if that were the case.

It is imperative to note that nothing has been confirmed by either Tiger or Elin Woods as of now. There is certainly more to this than we possibly know.

However, you have to figure things aren’t going well. All Tiger offered last week was that he was excited to be back ... nary a word about his spouse.

Even worse? The fact that relations were noticeably better between the two as recently as early March, then cooled. Now they're on vacation... separately.

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Elin..Totally a gold digger..Tiger should fight every inch and don't give the gold digger anything...yes, tiger was wrong but he should not be pushed to end of the abyss. After all, he works his butt out for all the money...


Who are the people on this thread calling her a golddigger and blaming her for the problems? Are you serious? This wasn't just one affair or one mistake. This is a guy who totally debased and degraded his wife more so than any other person in recent memory. He had sex with dozens of other women, including pornstars, and exposed his wife to the risk of STD's and AID's. No way would anyone want to stay with a man like that.


Just a gold digging Euro slut who is sticking till she gets paid..We now know what she is, it is to be determined how much she get paid..


Goodbye, gold digging wife. Hello, gold digging waitresses!


It is better for him and for her to divorce. He filled too many holes already. Theres no cure for sexoholism :)
Tiger's Best Shot


Good news for Tiger! With that gold digging whore Elin out of the way Tiger can travel around the country playing golf and winning $millions, and screw all the women he wants. Hell, what guy wouldn't want that?


the "secret to survivin' is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep........"


I think that, contrary to what many people believed and the reports from the media, Elin Nordegren never intended to stay with Tiger Woods after his savage betrayal. Elin is a woman with moral principles, dignity and self respect and she would never stay with a man she does not respect and trust, anymore. Tiger knew this, but he had hoped Elin would change her mind. Elin only agreed to put the divorce on hold for six months, so Tiger could get rehab and return to his career. The six months are almost up and Elin will be getting the divorce soon. I wish Elin and her precious children the best.


good riddance to that disgusting pig of a man

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