Sources: Elin Nordegren Woods to Divorce Tiger

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Tiger Woods and fed-up wife Elin Nordegren Woods appear headed to divorce court as attempts to heal their shattered union apparently came up short.

Elin has already met with a divorce lawyer, according to reports, and the final straw in their disintegrating marriage may have been his return to golf.

Or the creepy Tiger Woods Nike ad that accompanied it.

The New York Daily News, People, and his hometown Orlando Sentinel confirm the divorce lawyer meeting, and ET says the marriage is “indeed over.”

Numerous reports say Elin Nordegren was irate over the Nike ad that aired during last week's Masters featuring the voice of Woods’ late father, Earl.

Already concerned that he was insincere in his efforts to change his ways and put family first, the ad spot is said to have pushed her over the edge.

Will Tiger Woods' next drive be to divorce court?

According to ET, Woods believed his trip to rehab stint for sex addiction would be enough to keep his family together. Only temporarily, it seems. If that.

Elin is reportedly fixing up the $2 million house she purchased in her native country, fueling rumors that she is moving to Sweden for good this summer.

There is speculation that she will choose to live there with her kids after a split with Woods ... and it would be hard to blame her if that were the case.

It is imperative to note that nothing has been confirmed by either Tiger or Elin Woods as of now. There is certainly more to this than we possibly know.

However, you have to figure things aren’t going well. All Tiger offered last week was that he was excited to be back ... nary a word about his spouse.

Even worse? The fact that relations were noticeably better between the two as recently as early March, then cooled. Now they're on vacation... separately.

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If he can forgive her for attempted murder she should make an effort to forgive him. She almost made ehr children fatherless.


When is enough enough who cares if they divorce or stay married but the ones directly involved there is enough blame to go around.Yes that right its takes two this sex addiction is b.s. as far as i am concerned.IF he was getting all the sex at home he would of not been looking else were. The 2 people Tiger and Elin know the difference some women are trouble by his actions maybe because it might hit a nerve close to them.Some guys are just jealous wishing that they could of bedded the amount of women that he did.What we all should do is look after are own business and maybe this would not happen as much as it does so take care of your make sexually and respect them that way you dont stray.


Oscar Cassanova 4/16/10 11:03 am
Beautiful, and true. I got married too young as my ex-husband was (too young). I'll skip the details, but it was rough. You're correct when you say a knight in shining armor is waiting for Elin, as one was for me, one who gave me love and healed my hurt. God bless Elin and her two young children, and thank you Oscar for encouraging Elin (don't know if she reads this, but we're sending encouragement her way).


So Tiger Woods claims he's going back to Buddhism. From what I know about Buddhism, he never took it seriously to begin with. His father, the person he claims to have been so close to, was not a Buddhist. I think he's a user of the worst kind. Now he is using the Buddhist religion to try to make himself appear better than he really is. Disgusting. And there's absolutely no excuse or reason for the way he treated his wife, the mother of his children. What he did to her is unforgiveable and dirty beyond imagination. If he was really serious about Buddhism, he must know he was sowing the seeds of bad karma. (I'm not a Buddhist, I just study it.)


I just read an e-news today...hilarious but I thought it encapsulated the current media behaviour best : It said the media is endlessly trying to ensure divorce for Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and Sandra Bullock... Not until they bashed enough to see indeed a divorce did happen, their jobs had not been completed yet... How sarcastic but truly reflective


For the "gentlemen" supporting this absurd behavior - would you be okay with it if a guy did this to your mother, sister or daughter?

Oscar cassanova

we are born creatures of passion:only thru the avenue of life do
we learn our way.Like yourself I have felt the pain,and the agony of divorce.The disgrace of unfaithfulness while listening to the voices and the whispering.Please donot despair for in the mist waiting is a Knight in shining armour.A knight who knows your need and thru the halls of experince he will wait for you.


Yeah..let her run Tiger. alone without your children. Your mother will look after your children. Don't let the UNGRATEFUL wife destroy your family. Don't give in, if possible don't give her anything...........


To all of you who are backing this pig. How do you feel to support a guy who cheated on his wife while she was pregnant, who cheated while his father was dying,.
Do you have any morals or principles ???? In what kind of planet do you live in ?
Is it normal to betray your kids like he did ?
Money or no money I don't care. This is not like that you treat your family.
It's true when they say that money doesn't buy integrity and class. He may be a great golfer but as a human being he is A COMPLETE LOSER. Give him 10 years and he will realize what he has lots is priceless.


She's not a goldigger. She comes from an upper class family with money. She loved and trusted him. She supported him and gave him two precious and he treated her like a piece of garbage.
Karma is a bitch Cheetah and be sure that one day you will pay dearly for the hurt, humiliation and pain you put your family through.
I wish Elin and the kids good luck.She'd better get away from this country of degenerates and start a new life in a much better and safer place.
Tiger and his bunch of sluts can go to hell !!!

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