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oops, I meant to type :That's just stupid, not "jut' stupid.I have no idea what "jut stupid" means, of course Sorry, i have a newly paralyzed left hand. You try typing with one hand all the time! It sucks rocks.


What?! This guy as Kurt Cobain?That's jut stupid, if it's true. Get a real casting director!


now, that would be a tough task. I tjough Jude Law will play it



The Sun article is not true. I am a huge Rob fan and think he could totally do it. But the Sun article was proven false.


I could find a Crack head on the street to play the role of a Crack head with a Band...Dude..was it really that bad where you had to blow your head off...I guess you asked for fame and could not handle what you got..like they say..be careful what you ask for cause you might just get it. I feel for his little girl who lost her father due to her father being a selfish Arse..Ohh I can't take it the walls are closing in..Cmon dude what about your little girl who now has to go through the rest of her life with No DADDY !!!


this is bullshit...you guys make up the dumbest shit


hell no look better choices


First off, Kurt would never want a movie to be made about him. Second, Robert Pattinson has no resemblance at all to Kurt Cobain. Third, Why make a movie about him? Everyone knows how it ends.


I cannot believe it!

how could they do that!! it's not like the tweens who worship mr. pattinson actually even have a clue who kurt cobain is/was.
The people who are interested in watching a cobain biopic are not the same audience who want to see that twilight star's face....

the casting director must have their head right up their ass. Talk about alienating your target audience...
but i guess selling out for tween ratings is the goal in the pattinson scenario.

i am sure kurt would be so proud to have that guy play him, right?? HELL NO!!



pattinson will flop in that role if it is given to him.

Better choices to play kurt cobain: Emile Hirsh or Ryan Gosling,

or how about casting someone not so famous and giving them a chance? why robert pattinson!?!?!?

I think everyone can acknowledge the simple fact that robert pattinson doesnt look anything like kurt.

I cannot believe that courtney love is the one with some sense in this whole casting scenario...she wants ryan gosling, who actually has some real acting talent and looks a little more like kurt than robert ever could.
would be an absolute waste of casting to give it to pattinson. a sheer and utter waste.
I won't even bother watching it if he is cast.

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