Sister of Bret Michaels Confirms: Things are Looking Up

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It's too soon to tell if Bret Michaels will truly be able to resume performing next month, as a message on his website teased this week.

But the good news continues to pour forth about ailing rocker.

"He's doing good. He's not by any means out of the woods, but he is getting better every day," said sister Michelle Sychak in an interview with the Omaha-based "Todd N Tyler Radio Empire" radio show on Wednesday.

Michelle added that her brother's speech was coming along.

"Things are definitely looking up... he sounded good - as good as you can when your brain's throbbing," she said. "He seems very coherent to me and like he knew what he was saying... [He] does sound like Bret. Truth be told, I think he'll outlive us all."

Sychak said Bret is stable, but remains in the intensive care unit. As always, we wish him the very best.


Just want to give Brett encourgement...I was 52 yrs old and had a stroke it was do to an irreg heartbeat. Had to have heart surgery to correct the problem. It took 9 months for my heart to learn to beat in a normal heartbeat. It was what seemed a long haul back but I have gotten most of my strength back. Do have short term memory issues. But I thank God for saving my life. I had a very strong will to get better I had to as my husband is on dialysis now for 10 years. I need to get better as soon as possible. I could not go back to work so my husband and I have alot of time together. We have been married 35 years....Hang in there Brett. Don't rush your recovery...God has spared your life and he will continue to do so. Your in my prayers and god will bless you behond anything that you could think or ask for . Just trust him.....


I'm glad he's getting healthy but why does he need 2 shave his armpits he's no model and it makes him look less rough


i love watching Bret on the apprentice and as an artist. my thoughts and prayers go out to him for a quick and successful recovery. God bless you Bret.


God Bless you Bret. I am a big fan of yours. You are in my prayers every day.


get well bret, we're prayin' for ya' dude


I have been praying for him since i heard about his illness,i love him on apprentice,seems like a nice guy,,God Bless You


Brain aneurysm?


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