Shaunie O'Neal, Vanessa Lopez Double-Team Shaq

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NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is being double-teamed by his wife and his mistress, and not in a basketball manner. Or a sexual manner, for that matter.

Shaq's estranged wife Shaunie O'Neal and enterprising mistress Vanessa Lopez are employing the same investigator to dig up dirt on the big fella.

It all started when Shaunie filed for divorce in November and hired an P.I. to find any info on Shaq's infidelity that could boost her financial settlement.

The investigator discovered Shaq’s multi-year affair with Vanessa Lopez, who's now represented by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred and suing Shaq.

As if that didn't help Shaunie gain enough leverage, she actually reached out to Allred and Lopez – not to bash them, but to make the affair public!

2-ON-1: Vanessa Lopez and Shaunie O'Neal are hacking Shaq ... legally!

“Shaunie tried to convince Vanessa to go public about the affair before Vanessa did go public,” an inside source said. “And she wanted Vanessa to go to the police too, based on allegations she heard about Shaq harassing her."

“What she discovered about Shaq and Vanessa, gave Shaunie the ammunition she needed to file for divorce and try to get the money she wants.”

Vanessa Lopez eventually came forward, and then did Shaunie one better, claiming Shaq harassed her and even enlisted pals to "shut dat bitch up."

Using the info Shaunie's investigator found, such as Shaq's text messages, she's suing for assault, emotional distress, invasion of privacy and more.

Lopez was disgusted by  info shared by Shaunie, who even believes that someone put a GPS tracking system on her car. Shaunie is taking a no holds barred approach, pushing full steam ahead with the divorce and aiding Lopez as well.

Talk about good team defense turning into transition offense ... or something!

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Six comments and they seem to come from morons. Why every time a black man is involved they bring their trump word "Racist"? If there is a coment that makes sense is the one made by Trythinking.If the big kid wants to play he's got to pay. P.S. boricua to the core


She cheated her way into the marriage
He cheated his way out of it He stole her away from her 1st husband
She stole money from her 2nd husband Lopez helped him cheat
Now Lopez is teaming with the wife to help steal his money Cheaters and Thieves all working together apparently… Goes to show you, Money-Makers and Money-Takers don't mix!!!






@TryThinking1956 Not that it makes any of this better, but Shaq has his masters and I think he's working on his PhD. The two "prostitutes" you referenced have no degree at all. BUT when stealing becomes a degree program, these two will probably write the curriculum!


Finally I believe the real truth is coming out. It was all a little too convenient the way stuff was unraveling. I mean really, what mother yanks her children out of school on a Friday, moves across country, then files for separation and enrolls the 5 kids in school by that Monday? Seriously??? Shaunie is a conniving groupie who's master plan will soon be public. That Essence article was a joke...and her playing innocent is an even bigger joke.


Do you SEE Shaq? I wonder if his ego is so huge that he actually believes that either of them would do him if he was a fry cook or a bus driver? He should accept that he was paying for a series of extremely expensive sessions with both of these prostitutes. Any woman who willingly engages in a sexual relationship with an unattractive, uneducated, inarticulate and emotionally abusive neanderthal is - indeed - a prostitute. Give 'em the $$$, but call them what they are!