Shakira to Arizona: You're Violating Human Rights

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The She Wolf is on the prowl, and she's set her sights on Arizona.

In response to that state's incomprehensible new immigration law - which allows the police to ask for the identification of anyone suspected of being an illegal alien - Shakira is going on the attack.

She's headed to to Arizona today to get involved in the issue, telling Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning:

"As a Latina, I'm very concerned how this law can impact working Hispanic families. I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it's a violation of human and civil rights."

From the American Idol stage to the rights-violating streets of Arizona, Shakira is everywhere this week!

The Colombian-born singer, who is as charitable as celebrities get, will hold a press conference with Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon this week.

Like her truth-telling hips, we hope Shakira gives it to the lawmakers straight. After all, Arizona has actually made it legal for cops to make like Nazis and order: Show me your papers!

"They're really willing to enforce the law even though they know it's going crush the dreams of so many immigrants who would like to have a shot at the American dream like so many minorities have in the past in this country," Shakira said, continuing:

"We all know that America has been forged by the dreams of those people and by their passion and by their contribution to the economy by working really hard, and that's what Latinos do in this country, is work tirelessly.

"I wasn't born in this country, and I know what a great country this is. It depends greatly on creating union, not division, and I think this law will create chaos and create division instead of progress and union, and I don't think it's fair."

We'd love to see anyone argue with that.



If we were caught in another country with an expired passport or were to be found to have entered a country under illegal circumstances we would be thrown in jail and out of the country so quick but yet we have to over look laws that already exist here in this country. GET OUT if you didn't get here in a legal manner. I'm going to go to Italy and not leave when I'm supposed to, not learn their language, and get fake papers and see how long I can make it. Only in America is this kind of crap tolerated and look what's happening to us as a country. Pathetic


@for_real_tho: That's a reasonable point, certainly, but a large percentage of these illegal immigrants have been given jobs by American citizens that are aware of their illegal status. It's not as though the country hasn't been aware of this issue and even enabling it for years.
It's nowhere near as simple as some other law that's simply being broken by criminals exhibiting "illegal" behavior on their own and skirting the law, you know?


@randyjacksonsbutt: Instead of quoting John McCain in his re-election bid to reach out to the far right in his state, would you care to expound on how illegal immigrants cause 80,000 deaths per year, especially when you include "car accidents," as if American citizens do not get into those?


80,000 deaths per year (including car accidents) are caused by illegal immigrants in the United States. Nuff said Shakira, I like you but you're going to have to back down on this one.


While I agree they should not just roam the streets in search of what they think may be an illegal immigrant, as this is racial profiling; I do think illegal immigration should be considered "illegal" for all that are here illegally....we shouldn't just give the Mexican immigrants a free pass because they are from a neighboring country & it sucks & they make good "cash in hand" here....follow the process & apply for citizenship...


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