Shakira to Arizona: You're Violating Human Rights

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The She Wolf is on the prowl, and she's set her sights on Arizona.

In response to that state's incomprehensible new immigration law - which allows the police to ask for the identification of anyone suspected of being an illegal alien - Shakira is going on the attack.

She's headed to to Arizona today to get involved in the issue, telling Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning:

"As a Latina, I'm very concerned how this law can impact working Hispanic families. I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it's a violation of human and civil rights."

From the American Idol stage to the rights-violating streets of Arizona, Shakira is everywhere this week!

The Colombian-born singer, who is as charitable as celebrities get, will hold a press conference with Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon this week.

Like her truth-telling hips, we hope Shakira gives it to the lawmakers straight. After all, Arizona has actually made it legal for cops to make like Nazis and order: Show me your papers!

"They're really willing to enforce the law even though they know it's going crush the dreams of so many immigrants who would like to have a shot at the American dream like so many minorities have in the past in this country," Shakira said, continuing:

"We all know that America has been forged by the dreams of those people and by their passion and by their contribution to the economy by working really hard, and that's what Latinos do in this country, is work tirelessly.

"I wasn't born in this country, and I know what a great country this is. It depends greatly on creating union, not division, and I think this law will create chaos and create division instead of progress and union, and I don't think it's fair."

We'd love to see anyone argue with that.



@anywhere: Let me take a crazy guess: you're white.
I'd advise you to check your family history. Any chance any ancestors were once immigrants? You're being incredibly, depressingly close-minded. You would likely not be here right now if this law was in place and your immigrant ancestors were turned off by this country because they were detained based on their heritage alone.
Your point of view is this: if 5% of Hispanics are here illegally, ALL Hispanics should be detained by police. That's a mind-boggling stance to take, and you are simply not being factual if you think a majority of people share it. Most conservative politicians think this AZ law is an atrocity to all America stands for.


@anywhere. Then, many Americans are racist..
I agree that America has to get rid of illegal people, but I mean..
what about the thousands of Mexican shoppers that go to Tucson and Phoenix everyday LEGALLY. I am Mexican and I am one of those people. That point of view of skin color is truly racist, as I'm 100% Mexican and am pale. Or even if you're a resident walking on the street and an officer comes with.."Show me your papers!" you can't say.."Let me look for them, they're in the car.." or if they stop you at the mall.."Let me look for my mom, she has them"
This new law is more about getting rid of Hispanic than of illegal in general, as they can't spot physically an illegal Canadian because of being similar to any other American.
I know people who have gone to Arizona during these days and they're always complaining about being stopped 10-15 times a day! So I think Shakira is doing an amazing job here..


the things that Shakira dose will defiantly get her a special spot in heaven . unlike the immature , careless, ignorant,and racist ,people who approve this law have a special spot in with the devil .


like always Shakira is doing the right thing for people .If everybody in the world were like Shakira the world would be a better place.


Skippy, My point of view is shared by many Americans. What are you doing here besides defending criminals. Profile away! If it means cleaning up this country and getting rid of the parasites that are bleeding it dry!


Skippy, It was not till after he was taken into custody for not having proper ID and brought to their station that he was discovered to be wanted here in the US. They only approached him because in their exact words "He stood out"! People like you and Hilton Hater are the reason this country is slowly slipping away from the real American people. Yes give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses! But abide by our laws! Move to Canada you wimps


@anywhere: There is no way that Marine story is as you tell it. Please send a link. Clearly that person was stopped because he resembled a wanted suspect in a murder.
You clearly have no clue about what makes american different from other nations.... you're advocating racial profiling?!?!?!?!? OF COURSE it violates someone's basic rights to detain them due to the color of their skin. Get that thru your head: this person is ONLY being stopped due to their appearance. nothing else whatsoever.
what on earth are you doing in this country with your point of view?


@anywhere: This is where your point of view is misguided, and racist: you're assuming everyone that is stopped is guilty. Arizona is allowing police to stop ANYone that is not white. ANYone. There's no proof of guilt, there's no guilty behavior, there's no expired passport or lack of English speaking -- there is absolutely nothing that is required except the literal appearance of this individual. THAT is the issue here.
Do you really wish to defend that policy as consistent with a democratic country where the Statue of Liberty says "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."


So let me get this right.. If I am in another country and I do not speak their language and a police officer approaches me for whatever reason and he/she asks me for my passport or documentation he is violating my human rights? If you are doing something illegal you have to be held accountable. Here is an example of the double-standard with Mexico. Not to long ago there was a Marine who was wanted for questioning in the murder of his girlfriend who was found buried in his back yard. He ran to Mexico where he thought he could just vanish. He was caught and returned to the US because he was approached by police officers because he looked suspicious because he was white, and didn't speak spanish. He was approached because he "stood out". Are you saying this guys human rights were violated? Get real! Every state should put this law on the books.


@anywhere: You're not paying attention to the law that's been passed or the issue at stake: The issue is NOT dealing with illegal immigrants, although I'd ask that you check my previous comments about how Americans have enabled this for years and you're Italian example is woefully misguided...
The issue is whether or not it's a human rights violation for police to simply stop ANYONE on the streets and ask for proof of citizenship. That's actually a law in Arizona now. These people are not being "caught" with an illegal passport, as you argued; they are being racially profiled due to the color of their skin.


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