Shakira to Arizona: You're Violating Human Rights

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The She Wolf is on the prowl, and she's set her sights on Arizona.

In response to that state's incomprehensible new immigration law - which allows the police to ask for the identification of anyone suspected of being an illegal alien - Shakira is going on the attack.

She's headed to to Arizona today to get involved in the issue, telling Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning:

"As a Latina, I'm very concerned how this law can impact working Hispanic families. I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it's a violation of human and civil rights."

From the American Idol stage to the rights-violating streets of Arizona, Shakira is everywhere this week!

The Colombian-born singer, who is as charitable as celebrities get, will hold a press conference with Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon this week.

Like her truth-telling hips, we hope Shakira gives it to the lawmakers straight. After all, Arizona has actually made it legal for cops to make like Nazis and order: Show me your papers!

"They're really willing to enforce the law even though they know it's going crush the dreams of so many immigrants who would like to have a shot at the American dream like so many minorities have in the past in this country," Shakira said, continuing:

"We all know that America has been forged by the dreams of those people and by their passion and by their contribution to the economy by working really hard, and that's what Latinos do in this country, is work tirelessly.

"I wasn't born in this country, and I know what a great country this is. It depends greatly on creating union, not division, and I think this law will create chaos and create division instead of progress and union, and I don't think it's fair."

We'd love to see anyone argue with that.



Time to delete my shakira mp3s, I'll put some of this instead What a shame she supports law breaking illegal aliens and puts them in the same bag as proud legals. GO AZ, CA please do it too


For those of you who do not agree, I would like to know what you propose to do about the 460,000 illigal immigrants in Arizona? If you do not live in the state of Arizona do not asume that you know what it is like to live here.


I really don't agree with this law but why is Shakira in our country protesting our laws. Gotta love the freedoms of our country


Hilton Hater I'm Black and proud of it.


Who are all these people who want our country to turn the other cheek to our laws? The laws are there for a reason. If you get stopped don't be mad at the men and women doing their jobs or the people who put this law in place, be mad at the people who sneak over the border and cause this problem in the first place. And since when is enforcing the law make you racist? Look up what racist means before you ignorant people use it


So many dumb people in this country. AZ is right


so Az wants to enforce an existing law from the state level and that means they are going to hell? Are you people really this dumb?


@anywhere: I am a legal immigrant and I live in Arizona. Because of this law, I could be walking down the street tomorrow with my son and a police officer could detain me. What should I tell my children about this?
Think about your views, please. You really have no idea what you're talking about,


@anywhere: How an you not understand this? The law does NOT limit itself to people that break the law. It says police can stop any person that is not white. Do you really not understand what this country is based on, and how every person who wrote the Constitution that keeps you safe would NEVER have created a country that would enact this kind of law?
You want to live according to Mexican law? Go ahead. You really sound like the most spoiled, close-minded person I've ever heard. Do you have an ounce of life experience outside of interactions with other elderly whites?


@anywhere: The real American people are losing this country?!? Do you really not understand that these "real" Americans were ALL immigrants at one point? You simply must be smarter than you sound, right? Take 10 seconds to think about how these "real" American families actually arrived here...


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