Shakira to Arizona: You're Violating Human Rights

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The She Wolf is on the prowl, and she's set her sights on Arizona.

In response to that state's incomprehensible new immigration law - which allows the police to ask for the identification of anyone suspected of being an illegal alien - Shakira is going on the attack.

She's headed to to Arizona today to get involved in the issue, telling Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning:

"As a Latina, I'm very concerned how this law can impact working Hispanic families. I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it's a violation of human and civil rights."

From the American Idol stage to the rights-violating streets of Arizona, Shakira is everywhere this week!

The Colombian-born singer, who is as charitable as celebrities get, will hold a press conference with Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon this week.

Like her truth-telling hips, we hope Shakira gives it to the lawmakers straight. After all, Arizona has actually made it legal for cops to make like Nazis and order: Show me your papers!

"They're really willing to enforce the law even though they know it's going crush the dreams of so many immigrants who would like to have a shot at the American dream like so many minorities have in the past in this country," Shakira said, continuing:

"We all know that America has been forged by the dreams of those people and by their passion and by their contribution to the economy by working really hard, and that's what Latinos do in this country, is work tirelessly.

"I wasn't born in this country, and I know what a great country this is. It depends greatly on creating union, not division, and I think this law will create chaos and create division instead of progress and union, and I don't think it's fair."

We'd love to see anyone argue with that.



@JR: What if I'm a LEGAL tourist? And I have to carry my school's ID, passport, VISA, light and water bills and my special permission document for going to Phoenix and further. I mean, it's absurd having to carry them all day long, despite the high possibility of getting all my documents stolen at once!


Shakira is nothing but a loud mouth bitch. What in the fuck does she know about anything much less immigration laws and the USA. Send that loud mouth bitch back to Columbia where she belongs, and send all the illegals in the USA with her. Fuck that stupid whore. Who gives a shit what she thinks?


Paul, it's worse than that. People don't even have to carry their green card or papers. A drivers license is enough proof to end the conversation. And people can not be asked unless they are already stopped for suspicion for some other offense AND if there is probably reason to believe they are illegal.


As a legal immigrant, I'm insulted by those that group us with the illegals. This law is no different than the federal law. As a green card holder, I am required to carry my green card where ever I go; so says Homeland Security. Arizona is just enforcing this law. I don't mind being asked for my ID because I have nothing to hide. Those that protest this law are ignorant, racially bias, offensive and support law breaking in this country. By playing the race card, they are showing that they are the real racists. Well done Arizona for upholding the law of the land.


"The law it NOT reserved to anyone breaking the law. Literally any person may not be stopped solely due to the color of their skin." -HiltonHater This is completely false.


BoycottShakirra U really are a RACIST ,CLOSE MINDED ,


ntu UR right. there are so many dumb in this country that y ur in it. look this law is RACIST its going to destroy peoples lives and if the Government is so smart like they say they would think of a better way to solve the problem in Arizona not this way. This is a VIOLATION of human rights . RACISUM is wrong and i dont think people go to heaven for that .


@BoycottShakirra: You don't understand the law. It puts legals in the same boat as illegal. If a LEGAL immigrant is walking down the street, he or she may now be detained by the police.
It's understandable why so few people on here comprehend this law: it's unfathomable that it could be passed in America. But I repeat:
The law it NOT reserved to anyone breaking the law. Literally any person may not be stopped solely due to the color of their skin.


"but why is Shakira in our country protesting our laws." That's what is really funny about this blog post. Shakira, native of Columbia, and living in the Bahamas, has taken it upon herself to come here and demand a state change its immigration policy. I'm sure she means well, but so do many of those who want people to go through the legal processes of becoming legal citizens.


@anywhere: you're black? well.... a majority of drug users in this country are African-American. that's just a fact. so how would you feel about a state law that said police could stop any black person on the street and search him/her? That would be the exact same thing as it happening now in AZ.


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