Seth Aaron Henderson Wins Project Runway

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Look out, fashion industry: Seth Aaron Henderson is coming for you!

The 38-year old from San Diego was crowned the winner of Project Runway last night, earning himself $100,000, an editorial feature in Marie Claire and a $50,000 technology suite from Hewlett-Packard to create, design, and run his business.

Said Henderson, soon after he was named champion over fellow finalists Emilio Sosa and Mila Hermanovski: "I can't believe I just won Project Runway. I'm ready to start a large clothing line. I'm ready to conquer the fashion industry."

Seth cites Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior as his fashion role models.

Do you think he deserved to win?


YES!Altho'Emilio is a great talent,winning many of the PR challenges this season, Seth Aaron GREW nad GREW; as Kors's remarked, he showed COURAGE & creativity. Emilio's created a BRAND(Nina's word), as if he had already won the competition. Seth Aaron WOWed!


Christian Dior is his inspiration? On what planet? The guys does costumes, not clothes. Emilio should have won over Seth Aaron and the color blocked, black and white, Mila.


Duh he deserved to win. He was so consistent and his work was always suprising and eye-catching. I loved seth aaron from the git go. His first dress had me hooked.


That's fashion??? Here's an idea! How about a straight man starts coming up with some fashion ideas? That way guys don't have to go around wearing retarded looking emo outfits like the photo above. PS - If I wore that outfit on my street I would get my ass kicked within ten minutes.


Yes! He was wonderful...The top three were great...but he deserved to win.