Seth Aaron Henderson Wins Project Runway

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Look out, fashion industry: Seth Aaron Henderson is coming for you!

The 38-year old from San Diego was crowned the winner of Project Runway last night, earning himself $100,000, an editorial feature in Marie Claire and a $50,000 technology suite from Hewlett-Packard to create, design, and run his business.

Said Henderson, soon after he was named champion over fellow finalists Emilio Sosa and Mila Hermanovski: "I can't believe I just won Project Runway. I'm ready to start a large clothing line. I'm ready to conquer the fashion industry."

Seth cites Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior as his fashion role models.

Do you think he deserved to win?

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Yes, I had a feeling and great confidence that Seth Aaron was going to take it from Day #1. I loved him, his style an overall attitude and with Anthony's great sense of humor, this was one of the best seasons for me so far and I have been aboard with PR since the very first season. Emilio started out great too and I was pulling for him but he got just a little too cocky for me after the Hardware Challenge and his "diss" of the model who went out and sold that piece of garbage he threw together for her to wear, so I dropped him completely. In addition to his attitude toward Tim's overall critiques were just a no-no for me!!!!!


My top three picks from the beginning were Seth Aaron, Emilio, and Maya. I was bummed when Maya left but Mila did surprise me with her show. Although I loved Emilio's clothes, but the best designer did win. I hope to see BOTH designer's do well because I would love to have an opportunity to be able to buy their designs!


My wife told me that if Seth Aaron wins, then I have to buy her a dress from him. I was impressed with his style, and he really had guts to do alot of the things that he did. I also think the guy at the beginnings comment was funny, because he IS straight, and him dressing like that shows that he has guts. I like him, and I really hope that he has a successful future.


i was rooting for both emilio and seth aaron~ so i am happy he won. both of them were amazing designers who dominated the season~~~ so i think it was a well deserved win


nnoooo! you just ruined it for me! :( next time can you hide the spoilers!


hey H's Assistant, if you actually watched the show then you would know he is straight and has a wife. I thought the clothes he showed tim when he came to see seth in washington were to die for! I loved the jackets. I will for sure be watching for when i puts out a line.I would buy his clothes in a haertbeat.


YESSS! I knew Seth Aaron was going to win from day 1!! Congratualtions to you & your beautiful family Seth Aaron!


Absolutely!! He was the best I love his clothes... I cant wait to see his clothes for sale. Not so sure about for guys, but his dresses and girl clothes are awesome


A friend was in the audience. She says Jay stole the show.
No doubt the 3 finalists were talented but this was visually
a really dull PR with all the black and white. No wow.


Deb Have you even seen a Dior collection on the runway?..its drama, tailoring, inspired by the history of fashion, just like Seth Aaron except he added rock and roll. He was amazing. They all were great but as they said the show needs to be intense and full of pieces that can be edited slightly to be bought in stores.