Sandra Bullock to Work Out Deal with Jesse James?

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Scorned wife Sandra Bullock has delayed filing for divorce because she wants to work out an amicable deal with husband Jesse James, according to reports.

He was linked to Michelle "Bombshell" McGee last month in a salacious cheating scandal, during which a handful of other trashy women also came forward.

The Exclusive Showdown

In addition to the mere fact that he was cheating on Sandra Bullock a lot, the publicity has been extremely tough on her and she's kept a very low profile.

So why hasn't she formally filed for divorce?

According to supposed insiders, she wants to work out and a deal with James before the papers are even filed, so as to avoid an ugly, public court fight.

“Sandra will definitely be filing divorce papers, but wants to make sure everything is lined up perfectly first so it doesn’t get messy,” the source revealed.

“She wants to tie up loose ends and make it quick and painless. She wants to make sure when they divorce he won’t discuss their relationship publicly.”

Despite Jesse's apparent efforts to save the marriage via sex rehab therapy, all indications are that Bullock wants out of the union, quickly and cleanly.

Quick and clean may be wishful thinking if Jesse, who sources say wants his old life back, isn’t even ready to accept the marriage is over. Whatever.

Sandra is hoping that he will accept the marriage is over and be reasonable about a divorce, and continue being as discreet about things as possible.

That probably means no comment on McGee's alleged plan to off her.


he has had the best and gave it up for what a whore real smart man


JJ is laying low with a closed mouth, for now. I've yet to see a 'clean break' with these types, unless she has power over him in some form. Gotta trump their ace, only thing they understand.


Lots of women are like Bullock - turning down good guys for slimeballs like JJ. Then they get treated bad and can't figure out why.


Sandy didnt deserve this but what i read is that she is didnt well.. GO SANDY!! i believe when this whole situation is over she should be able to see the kids that she loves soooo much... my heart and every single fan that you have out there goes out to you.. may your new life begin well..


Sandra Bullock did not deserve this, nor does any good woman. There are men who are really, really good master manipulators, and I can only guess that Sandra was either vulnerable at the time or just too busy to read between his sweet talk. I pray she will heal fast. She deserves it. I know from experience it hurts...really bad, but you do get over it. I hope she does it fast. Cut all ties, Sandra, get on with your life and keep doing what you do so well. In your future there is definitely someone that will love you for..YOU!

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