Russell Hantz: Arrested for Assault

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Note to Russell Hantz: Survivor is just a game. You gotta chill in real life, dude.

The Survivor: Samoa runner-up, who has been categorized as a "villain" on the current season of the CBS competition, was arrested in Louisiana earlier today. According to TMZ, Hantz attacked somebody at a street festival.

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Police say the reality TV star was having a great time at the Festival International de Louisiane... until he allegedly "shoved" some dude to the ground. He was arrested on the spot and taken to a local jail.

Hantz was eventually released and will now have to live with the enormous burden of letting down Jeff Probst.

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CBS is condoning violence against women being that he will be on Survivor for a 3rd time. He is a disgusting, toothless egomaniac


What do you expect from a guy who doesn't like women and is a bully, suffering from "short guy syndrome"?


How about you don't need to have an I.D. on you all the time in America the land of the free?


It was a female and he had no I.D. on him. He claims he was outside a bar he owns there. Don\'t know why you would not have any I.D. on you.