Russell Hantz: Arrested for Assault

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Note to Russell Hantz: Survivor is just a game. You gotta chill in real life, dude.

The Survivor: Samoa runner-up, who has been categorized as a "villain" on the current season of the CBS competition, was arrested in Louisiana earlier today. According to TMZ, Hantz attacked somebody at a street festival.

Russell Hantz Photo

Police say the reality TV star was having a great time at the Festival International de Louisiane... until he allegedly "shoved" some dude to the ground. He was arrested on the spot and taken to a local jail.

Hantz was eventually released and will now have to live with the enormous burden of letting down Jeff Probst.

Survivor Player
Up to Little Good

CBS is condoning violence against women being that he will be on Survivor for a 3rd time. He is a disgusting, toothless egomaniac


What do you expect from a guy who doesn't like women and is a bully, suffering from "short guy syndrome"?


How about you don't need to have an I.D. on you all the time in America the land of the free?


It was a female and he had no I.D. on him. He claims he was outside a bar he owns there. Don\'t know why you would not have any I.D. on you.

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