Rumored Couple Alert: Kate Hudson & Thom Yorke!

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If Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is really dating Kate Hudson, it would be one of the weirdest stories of all time. For that reason we endorse it 100 percent.

The actress was spotted at Coachella with the British rocker Thom Yorke last week, "getting comfy with Thom Yorke at Palm Springs' Ace Hotel." We'll buy it!

Thom Yorke may be not be physically noteworthy, but he is an intellectually impressive individual whose songwriting has long been a favorite of music critics.

The man detests the spotlight and popular culture, and could be described as a reserved, rather morose human being, at least based on Radiohead's catalog.

Basically, he is the polar opposite in every way of Alex Rodriguez, and seemingly of Hudson herself, which is why we could not be more excited if this is true.

As long as he confirms if the Kate Hudson boob job rumors are true.

Somehow we don't see it. Unfortunately.

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God can she just focus on her son instead of her non existing love life???!!!


this didn't happen.


I call TOTAL BS! Thom's not with Kate because he is MINE!


I'm pretty sure if Thom was gay he'd be open about it. My parents aren't married but they just feel like it's a stupid piece of paper. I find it hard to believe Thom would snuggle with a skank like Kate.


he ha two kids with his "girlfriend", he is NOT married, and rumors say he and Jonny have an old affair..


Kate sure gets around...


Thom is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


caramel, thom yorke has lived with his girlfriend & mother of his 2 children for almost 10 years.....he is very vocal about his family, bragging to audiences and showing pics.....sorry, he is not gay


No Timmy, he's married to the guitarist, Jonny Greenwood. Haven't you ever read cheesecake? Those two have been together since they were both teenagers.


Isn't he married with a couple of kids?