Rumored Couple Alert: Kate Hudson & Thom Yorke!

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If Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is really dating Kate Hudson, it would be one of the weirdest stories of all time. For that reason we endorse it 100 percent.

The actress was spotted at Coachella with the British rocker Thom Yorke last week, "getting comfy with Thom Yorke at Palm Springs' Ace Hotel." We'll buy it!

Thom Yorke may be not be physically noteworthy, but he is an intellectually impressive individual whose songwriting has long been a favorite of music critics.

The man detests the spotlight and popular culture, and could be described as a reserved, rather morose human being, at least based on Radiohead's catalog.

Basically, he is the polar opposite in every way of Alex Rodriguez, and seemingly of Hudson herself, which is why we could not be more excited if this is true.

As long as he confirms if the Kate Hudson boob job rumors are true.

Somehow we don't see it. Unfortunately.

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Actually I saw Charlize Theron and Thom Yorke chatting smiling a lot at each other and exchangin cellphone numbers at the Haiti Benefit Concert they did at Fonda, true story I have pictures to prove it.


there are photos of Thom practically licking Jonny's bare belly, but sure... it's all fantasy


Because he *is* intellectual and reserved, no way can this last! He'll tire of her air head and self-centered me-me-me ways. You can bank on it.


@ But Another Says-- then you've scooped a rumour that doesn't exist anywhere else in RH fandom except in the imaginations of those who indulge in such fantasies (and even they are well aware that "Thom/Jonny true lurrve forever" is just fantasy). Basically, explain where you heard this, and from whom? It's about as credible as Thom bonking Kate Hudson, i.e. not very.


@ hudson sceptic I know for a fact that Thom and Jonny were together briefly around '97-'98 and again in '03. I have no reason not to trust my sources.
Whether or not they are together now, I highly doubt it but you never know.


Argh. "may or may not"


He's been with Rachel Owen for 20 years, since they met at University. They were married in May 2003, according to public records. They have two kids, one born before the wedding, one after. Seeing as she has a PhD in Art History, we may assume that Thom likes intelligent women; Kate Hudson may or may not be, but I can't see her and Thom as anything more than acquaintances. Sitting and talking with somebody at a party doesn't mean that they are having sex. Thom may or may reference some affairs or temptations in his songs, but you can't possibly put together somebody's biography through their lyrics. He hasn't had an affair with Jonny; that's all fantasy. Capiche?


He sleeps with Jonny Greenwood.


yorke is british he wouldnt be interested in her shes too much of a hollow head. if dominican arod couldnt stand her needy aas, yorke will embarrass her & send her packing.


1. He IS married. 2. He has been with her since his university that's closer to 20 years, not 10. 3. As much as some people wish, there are no real rumors of him having a secret affair with Jonny Greenwood.