Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reportedly Elope; Breaking Dawn Production in Jeopardy?

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We knew Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were missing each other and "counting down the days" until filming began on Breaking Dawn. But it appears they missed each other even more than we imagined ... in our wildest dreams.

The two reportedly eloped to the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

No photos from the impromptu wedding were leaked because "the couple insisted on total privacy," says a local source, saying they even used assumed names.

"Not even their family members were there."

The five-minute nuptials reportedly took place at sunset Saturday at a private resort. If only they had chosen an island off the coast of Brazil, like Edward and Bella.

Oh well, nobody's perfect ... well, except for the future spawn of Robsten.

Robsten married in secret last weekend.

Incredible as it is that Robsten apparently made it official, there's an entirely different and troubling component to this story, too. For various reasons, their marriage has potentially put the future of Breaking Dawn in doubt.

Chris Weitz, who directed both stars in New Moon, is reportedly incensed at the distraction and media circus they have caused, which is likely to intensify now.

Moreover, a Summit Entertainment rep had no comment on the situation, but an insider tells Life & Style that its higher-ups are "not pleased" with their stars.

Their lack of communication over the elopement has execs worried about their availability for the new film, which is supposed to begin filming later this year.

Finally, the newlyweds, Kristen Stewart in particular, are said to be "exploring options" to void their contracts for the fourth installment of the Twilight saga.

But despite those concerns, the studio really be forced to pull the plug?

Of course not. This is April Fools BS. Did we fool you? Maybe a little bit? This one was sort of a stretch ... our fake Miley Cyrus news was a little more believable.

This one, though? About as real as this Robert Pattinson wax figure. The chemistry between K-Stew and R-Patt might be electric, but for now, they are not married.

Give it time, however. Let filming for Breaking Dawn commence (it's not in jeopardy in any way) and we're sure rumors such as this will pop up again before long.


Holly shit, you got me I like both of them, but not to be married, and if KRISTEN STEWART leave breaking dawn then i would not even bother to watch it. She is a great actress, Rob is not the only sexy one, in real life Kellan Lutz (Emmett)and (James from twiligh OMG hes so sexy) and even Taylor so there is a lot of sexy men, but only one KRISTEN STEWART.


woooo im so glad thats not true. i loved the books then the movies. but he needs more than that. every pics in clubs. hes always in the shadows being ignored with his hoodie on. she always looks like shes on something and emu. hes too hot for that for life. even if we couldnt do the movies without her. shes a good actress, thats the line......hes still too much talent for her


That was so dumb and who would seriously believe that? Robert and Kristen haven't even come out as a couple. People say they have but until I see Rob and Kristen say it to a camera, I do not believe they are together. They are not


OMG!!! u had me.. i checked out on google about any news wondering how did i miss it? i was gonna change my fb status but then i read d whole thing.... good april fool's joke.


Thank god its not true, my heart just sank 10 ft under.. I would hate to see him settle for less and he has alot of exploring to do in you hottie rob!


Oh my gosh. You really had me fooled.


Sadly I have to admit YOU HAD ME GOING!!! I had pulled up another screen to GOOGLE it then I got to the part about it being a joke...GOOD ONE LOL....


good one I was planning suicide




these rumors are such bs. its not even a funny April fools joke. why dont people write shit about them thats true, or dont write anything at all

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