Rielle Hunter on Oprah: I'm Not a Home Wrecker!

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Rielle Hunter, mistress to that disgrace John Edwards and mother to his two-year-old love child, gives her first TV interview today on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The weird videographer recounts how the former presidential candidate's cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, slowly learned the full extent of his affair with Rielle.

Slowly being the operative word.

Rielle Hunter recalls how it was Elizabeth who encouraged John to come clean about his infidelity in 2008 ... even though she didn't know "the whole truth."

In the first interview John gave confirming his affair with Rielle, he denied fathering her child. Edwards finally admitted it earlier this year. What a sleaze.

Rielle Hunter on Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Rielle Hunter? Besides the fact that she's still around at all? She somehow denies breaking up the politician's marriage.

"She doesn't think she's a home wrecker," Winfrey told the AP regarding Hunter. "She does not think she played a key role in breaking up the Edwards marriage."

Hunter told GQ in March (after taking off her pants, then dubiously claiming she was repulsed by the photos): "Infidelity doesn't happen in healthy marriages."

"The break in marriage happens before infidelity. That break happened, you know, two-and-a-half decades before I got there. The home was wrecked already."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, loser.

John and Elizabeth recently separated after 33 years of marriage. They had four children together. Follow the jump for the first clip of Rielle on Oprah ...


I can't fathom why this woman would believe her opinion matters to a single soul. Most everyone understands ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. What is more telling (and ironic) is Oprah booking her as a guest, conducting and airing the interview at all. WHY would she do this? The word fundamental for all of this saga is STANDARDS. Now Oprah has dragged her name, her show, and her reputation into the mire! WHY? I can only speculate Oprah really is more concerned about SENSATIONALISM than STANDARDS. Sad she prefers the low road - wonder if she ever considered what John Edwards' three legitimate children will have to endure? It is obvious Ms. Hunter refuses to understand her actions have caused a great deal of pain and shame. I thought Oprah had more sense. I now know I was wrong.


Oprah is the biggest sleaze. After having Elizabeth Edwards on how she can have this tawdry home wrecking cheap whore on her show? Oprah, you deserve every line of Kitty Kelly's book.

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