Rielle Hunter on Oprah: I'm Not a Home Wrecker!

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Rielle Hunter, mistress to that disgrace John Edwards and mother to his two-year-old love child, gives her first TV interview today on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The weird videographer recounts how the former presidential candidate's cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, slowly learned the full extent of his affair with Rielle.

Slowly being the operative word.

Rielle Hunter recalls how it was Elizabeth who encouraged John to come clean about his infidelity in 2008 ... even though she didn't know "the whole truth."

In the first interview John gave confirming his affair with Rielle, he denied fathering her child. Edwards finally admitted it earlier this year. What a sleaze.

Rielle Hunter on Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Rielle Hunter? Besides the fact that she's still around at all? She somehow denies breaking up the politician's marriage.

"She doesn't think she's a home wrecker," Winfrey told the AP regarding Hunter. "She does not think she played a key role in breaking up the Edwards marriage."

Hunter told GQ in March (after taking off her pants, then dubiously claiming she was repulsed by the photos): "Infidelity doesn't happen in healthy marriages."

"The break in marriage happens before infidelity. That break happened, you know, two-and-a-half decades before I got there. The home was wrecked already."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, loser.

John and Elizabeth recently separated after 33 years of marriage. They had four children together. Follow the jump for the first clip of Rielle on Oprah ...


John Edwards would be smart to do the old Redd Foxx line, "Coming to you Elizabeth". Surely, he sees how much better his life was wife Elizabeth. Hunter has done nothing but disgrace him and send him to the gutter.


enough to gag a maggot


I don't think that Hunter has any resposibility for the well being of John's family but John himself; It is more important that a married man not going out to play with a single woman then screw up her life!
Don't help John to play a victim role here. He is the real bad guy who should be cursed.


Sorry I have one more thing to say. Kitty Kelley is a wonderful writer who does her home work. I always said, and her own kind in chicago have said this too, that Oprah is a myth. A fraud and by the way, she has been a lesbo since the 1980s or if not that, a bisexual. But who cares. And we were stupid enough to make this 250 pound black ass a Billionare.


First of all, Oprah has really done it this time. Though she did nail her with good questions. Oprah has not been just an angel either, this is the cat calling the kettle black? At any rate, how dare Edwards have an affair, be irrresponsible, selfish, conceded, etc. and this bitch is just like him. She is a piece of garbage; and this poor little girl what is so going to grow up with. And wanted to be President? Someone once told me the genitals have no brain or conscience and he was right, he also said, men are dogs, but you know, for every bad man there are 2 bad women. She knew he was married. There is an old saying, EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY.


Rielle Homewrecker act like she has a sense of entitlement in analyzing The Edwards' marriage.She has a child with John E. She continues to minimize the fact that he still have 3 other children
and a wife who is ill. She is so lucky that Elizabeth has Not hit that button that pursue allienation of affection cases.I can Not tell which woman is using the other more, she using the Oprah Show to polish up her tarnished image,or O using her to swoop up ratings at the risk of losing some viewers today. PEACE!!


What a denying piece of s$$$. Both of them, Hunter and Oprah. I can't believe Oprah put that s$$$ on the air. Doesn't she realize that her show is broadcast in most places early in the day, When children and teenagers can see this. It's like saying, it's okay to break up a marriage, when there are children or other things going on. No marriage stays 100% all the time, but for some whore like Hunter to come in and not allow the marriage partners a chance to fix their situation disgusts me. Yes! She is a homewrecker.


well, john is the homewrecker....i'll give her that one...she is just the whore that screwed a married man, while his wife was fighting for her life...so, either way, she is scum....they BOTH are scum...you can't just pin it on her...


Agree with Beltway Greg and V. Oprah is shameless for having her on the show in general when she's already said all there is to say and the facts are clear- she's John Edwards mistress and baby mama and a cheap trick. Way to enhance her celebrity instead of leaving her in the gutter where she belongs, Oprah.


Well, of course, she's going to deny being a home wrecker......it's what sociopaths do. Always someone else's fault.

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