Ricky Martin, Other Latin Celebs Agree: Arizona Sucks!

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If you're a legal immigrant in Arizona, walking down the street with your child, you may now get stopped by the police solely based on the color of your skin.

While it seems incomprehensible that such a law could be passed in the United States, it's a sad fact. It's also one that Shakira spoke out against yesterday and then actually headed down to Phoenix to discuss in person with the mayor and other locals.

Turns out, she isn't the only celebrity (or American with a conscience) to object to this law. At last night's Billboard Latin Music Awards, Ricky Martin said the ruling "makes no sense" and then went off on inequality in general:

"You are not alone. We are with you. Put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop to racism... Long live love, long live peace."

The singer himself came out of the (obvious) closet last month.

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A few others on hand also chimed in on the issue.

Said Latin Artist of the Year winner, Larry Hernandez: "It's regrettable that they are discriminating against for the simple fact of looking Latino. It's not fair. We have to say no to that law."

Meanwhile, at a Phoenix press conference, Arizona native Linda Ronstadt stated: "Mexican-Americans are not going to take this lying down."

It's a contentious issue, one many Americans don't understand. Sound off with your thoughts now!


seriously...why should illegal mexican immigrants be treated any differently than any other illegal immigrant??? they should not be...they are just as illegal as any other immigrant that did not go through the proper legal channels when entering our country!! We are not the only country with immigration policies and enforcement, either...we have just been neglectful or the Mexican/American border for so long. They are used to using our system and tax dollars for their illegal benefits, this is bullshit....just like it is bullshit that these idiots from other countries (Ricky MArtin & Shakira) are saying it is not American???? Give me a break, or just STFU!!


Ricky Martin and Shakira can STFU and stop adding their opinions. This is OUR country. Go Home!!!!


Here is an idea. Why don't we send an invitation to 1 million of the illegals in this country to go to where Shakira (Columbia) and Ricky Martin (I believe Puerto Rico) are from. Let's see how the people of their homeland feel about this. I doubt that the people of Columbia would tolerate the things we do here in America. I know for a fact the people of Puerto Rico wouldn't tolerate it. In fact I bet Ricky is a little scared to go home himself after his coming out celebration. We have turned a blind eye to this for too long and the only "giant that has been awakened" here is the real Americans in this country. GET THE MESSAGE! IF YOU ARE HERE ILLEGALY, GET OUT. I myself am going to volunteer for ICE.


This new appeared gay Ricky Martin would better keep his mouth shut. He has no shame, no concience. A pityful gay!


Keep the borders of America closed for all kinds of illigal, Arizona! I would give my vote for the Arizona governor, if he/she runs for the president of the United States. Real patriote! Thank you very much! I hope, other governors would follow the steps of the Arizova governor. Thank you, thank you very much, Arizona.


Thanks, JR for clearing that up.


"If it coincides with Federal law, then why does Arizona need it?"-Sheena Because the Feds don't enforce the law. This law is actually softer than the Federal law and far, far softer than what Mexico's immigration policy is.


I understand that Arizona has problems with illegal aliens but two wrongs do not make a right. This can not be just. I listened to a news special when it was passed and I was appalled that leaders in Arizona would take this action and then try to justify it. They are saying that the governor is retraining the police force to understand how this works. They are saying too, that Arizona's law coincides with Federal law. If it coincides with Federal law, then why does Arizona need it?


@randyjacksonsbutt - I hate to break it you, genius, but some Mexicans and South Americans DO look White, Asian and Black. I have some of each color in my family. Do a little research, open a book or maybe even open your eyes. There are many Latinos with blonde hair, many with black skin and many with Asian features because of our ancestral lineage.


Hilton Hater: It has been calculated that an estimated 80,000 American deaths are caused per year by illegal immigrants. That calculation does include car accidents, murders, accidental homicides and other forms of death. That is 80,000 American lives that could have been saved per year if we had some way of sealing our borders. Look it up, this is not something that I am pulling out of my ass. Every civilized country on the planet has border controls so why is it so appalling that the United States has them either. Try going into France from Germany without a passport and you will find out quickly. We don't hate Mexicans or South Americans we just want things to be fair. If California fell off of the map from an earthquake and people started fleeing to Mexico they would fell the same way.


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