Report: Elin Woods Meets with Divorce Lawyer

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Is Tiger and Elin Woods' divorce only a matter of time?

That's what we're hearing, based on rumblings that she's moving to Sweden, and a new report that suggests she recently met with a divorce lawyer.

Elin skipped his comeback at the Masters and was described as "disgusted and outraged" by the new Nike ad featuring a voiceover by his late father.

After the Masters, Elin left Florida, destination unknown.

"Elin was violently angry over this commercial and thought it was a cheesy thing to do," a friend says. "She wouldn't have gone near the Masters under any condition, but that just made her even madder. She is over Tiger."

"I wouldn't be surprised if she files for divorce soon."

Will Tiger Woods' wife take the kids and go?

It's only been talk, with no legal papers filed by either side, and no divorce attorney officially retained ... at least until last week, Radar Online claims.

Sources say that before flying to Scottsdale, Ariz., for a separate vacation than Tiger's, she met with a divorce lawyer in their home city, Orlando.

They reportedly met for several hours after Elin grew disgusted with Tiger, who she believes he returned to golf too quickly and has been insincere.

She participated in his sex rehab therapy, and a few months ago they were making progress, but as Tiger announced his return, things unraveled.

The Joslyn James text messages being released couldn't have helped.

Tiger Woods shanks a drive ... and his marriage.

"She's far beyond hurt now. If she were angry or if she hated him, they might still have a chance to work it out," she said. "But she's beyond that."

"She's numb. She just does not care. She's like, 'Whatever.' Elin's not the type to get all weepy or have pity parties for herself. She mourned the loss of this marriage, and now she's moving on. It's the only thing she can do."

What do you think Elin Woods should do?


Elin....leave this loser he's not worth it.He slept with so many women...he needs to repent until he dies.The kids don't need him...he's a lousy example of a father and husband.He's a fraud.I am schoked for what he did....and all along i was thinking he was a saint with big lips.


Hard to imagine using cheesy Nike ad as the argument for the last straw for triggering the divorce...Neither is the argument of the husband's return to golf (which is Tiger Woods' job) a sensible reason to account for triggering the divorce... Is his wife crazy ? There are a million more valid reasons for filing a divorce and perhaps it is the media/tabloid fancying a joke here...but Nike ad and return to golf look very absurd !


I agreed with First Reviewer... Unluckily the couple doesn't come out to clarify ... Other celebrities operate very differently... They will come out hand-in-hand clarifying their marriage is firm (despite shaky)... The hilarious part of these divorce e-news is they cited the last straw for Elin's decision is due to that cheesy Nike ad as well as Tiger's return to golf too early... Both are not sensible reasons (at least in my eyes) if they are indeed the reasons...I suspect the tabloid made up reasons to make things juicy... The other hilarious part of some e-news I saw regarding the divorce was they are even saying the couple is in contention for child custody ... It sounded as if these e-news sources are in the midst of this couple which I feel really doubtful because both Elin and Tiger have been so tight lipped...


By the way, who is she before she met Tiger..a nanny...why Tiger just forget about her...she was nothing before.


I think you are right Lydia, this time I think Rachel is ready because she is the only one who never came forward other than the sources from "friends". Maybe she will be the next Mrs. WOods. Too sad to hear divorce, I really wish and pray that there is still hope for Tiger and Elin. May God give them more enlightenment so they not give up on their marriage.


No divorce as yet except on everyone's lips. I wonder what Elin and Tiger think of us? We are talking about something that we have only heard bits about, really no facts.


I bet Rachel Urchitel will be the happiest woman in America to hear the divorce news... She has been patiently waiting and political astute on the sideline hoping to be Tiger Woods' mistress #1 or even Mrs. Woods. Also, I think Joseylyn James will also be rejoicing from her revengeful heart. I hate to see marriages end up in divorce at the merciless haunts of those whores.


who else is surprised? It was only a matter of time, probably happening sooner since Tiger cares more about money and golf than his family.


Can't everyone just leave tiger alone? I'm sure he isn't the first star to cheat on his wife. Tiger proved that he can fill
every hole. Lol. But this his shot I like best:


To beentherelivedthruit (April 14th, 2010 5:51 PM) and paula e (April 14th, 2010 5:44 PM): I agree with you both! Good for Elin. May God bless Elin and her children! Run, Elin, run!

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