Raychel Coudriet Alleges Affair with Tiger Woods

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Raychel Coudriet is a 22-year-old girl who lives in Tiger Woods' Florida neighborhood. That alone means the odds of him sleeping with her are pretty high.

He supposedly did just that, she alleges, and their alleged one-night stand took place less than a mile from his home. She recently decided to come clean.

Why? Like all the other Tiger Woods mistresses, she feels entitled to cash in, and is somehow shocked and livid that she was but one of many conquests.

Dude was cheating on Elin Nordegren with all of them, keep in mind.

According to sources, Tiger Woods and Raychel Coudriet met one night and hit it off. They began making out within sight of his house while Elin was home.

They then had sex in a private office the superstar keeps nearby.

Raychel Coudriet: Tiger Woods Mistress No. 14. Maybe 15. 16? We forget.

True to form, Tiger Woods texted Raychel repeatedly after the tryst. She apparently felt guilty about having sex with a married man and never did it again.

Clearly he was devastated and vowed to change his own ways.

The National Enquirer was first to reveal Tiger’s double life by outing his relationship with Rachel Uchitel, and they're behind this new mistress' unmasking.

You would think that discredits the report right off the bat, but they're being considered for a Pulitzer for uncovering the John Edwards love child scandal.

Besides, this is Tiger Woods. Do you doubt it for a second?

At this point, you could tell us he and Tiki Barber had a devil's three-way with Traci Lynn Johnson and we'd buy it. Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.


In your comment on another e-news in this blog, you said if you were Tiger you would tell-all to Elin BUT will not clarify nor deny case-by-case to the public... But this case is a neighbour in his own community which might bring embarassment to his family, do you still think it the right move not to deny this rumour ??? For me, I don't believe in this e-story of fling with the neighbour, because just take a look at this photo of her, she is obvious trying to get the most photo-beautiful picture to the tabloid for her x minutes of fame or magazine cover ... I feel shameful for these women...


I'm not sure what this "I slept with Tiger" purpose is. There doesn't seem to be a money incentive in it unless they're being paid for their stories. In this case, it's a 22 year old kid who, if laying stark naked, I'd say "See ya kid" and go on about my business. "Coming Clean", for what purpose, whose soul is getting cleansed? Personally, I don't care if you went to bed with the guy or you didn't. The world's not going to stop on a 1 night fling.


Her parents must be so proud of her !!!! Sleeping with a married man makes her a slut and nothing else.
She could have said NO in first place but obviously like all the other whores he bedded she couldn't turn down the wealthiest athlete in the world. I have no pity for this type of bitches, homewreckers. They are poor excuses for women.
Why does she need to tell the story ? There are innocent victims who don't deserve to get every salacious detail.
What a truly pathetic society we have become !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope and pray that Tiger & Elin stay together .


i feel bad for tiger too because i know this girl and she has really bad breath and herpes


I am really feeling sorry for Tiger..How can someone possibly be able to stand this amount of pressure ? To be frank, these whores kiss-and-tell are just one type of pressure (whether the story is true or not)...The real pressure is everything Tiger is doing US Masters is scrutinised in detail ..from his press conference...to his first practice...to Billy Payne's stern speech on him today...to people betting on his first round's result...to whether he can be within cut or not...and to whether he will win... In addition, Nike just released a new ad of Tiger.... and players and TV are all citing they want to see how Tiger can handle the tournament with the baggage behind...etc etc... I don't think this sort of position is fun... Most said even Tiger may not know his own performance under such stress and so all eyes are on to see how the world's greatest golfer will be performing... May God give strength and blessing to Yiger !didn't know the performance of Yiger


Sounds weird but if she is from florida, i would not believe a word of it. This is the most lawless state in the union.


I agree with you all. I also think that it is correct now that ELin did not join the Augusta, if the reason is for her to confirm Tiger has changed that being alone he can live with not having to call one bitch to sleep with him through the night.
Then, it also make her so much ahead of these bitches who are seeking attention. She is real classy woman. SHe must be like my Mom.
The thing is, i have read an enews about those Jamie and whoever was that gal saying that Tiger never even contacted me after all these? What are they expecting? Tiger to chase them? Tiger chase his WIFE and want to get her back!


Enough with the famewhoring sluts please.


This girl is also known to have banged many athletes at University of Alabama. She’s not the sweet innocent baby she is trying to make herself out to be. Rumor that she’s also been with a couple other pros.


There is a real problem with North American culture...How come women are desperately in cashing in on publicity on sex scandal ? To be frank, I don't believe in all of the TW stories though I believe Tiger did have affairs and flings... I am glad that Tiger made the right steps for rehab and apologise so that all dirty laundary is vented off ... It is just abnormal these women appear to me they are boasting of sex relationship with famour man despite what they said (true or not true) is hurting a family ! How come women are so shameless ! Where is woman's dignity ? I also feel it strange for "tekk all" women ...Don't they feel shameless and scared of in future no men dare to have any relationship with them..

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