Ray J's Mother Blames Kim Kardashian for Sex Tape Release

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Sonja Bates-Norwood, the mother of Ray J and Brandy, has two messages for America:

  1. Get over the sex tape her son made with Kim Kardashian.
  2. Put the blame for its release squarely on the giant breasts shoulders of Kim.

The Norwood family appeared this week on The Wendy Williams Show in order to promote their new VH1 reality series (yes, there's now a program based around the exploits of one guy famous for penetrating Kim Kardashian on video; and one woman famous for her fatal car crash) - and Sonja was asked about the only reason anyone has ever heard of her son.

She first told the country to move on from the tape, and then said: "With all the hoopla with it being Ray J and people trying to blame him, did you see him on the cover of Playgirl? Did you see him in the centerfold of Playgirl?"

Translation: Kim has posed for Playboy and has seen her career take off since the video went online. You connect the dots, people.

Brandy and Ray J proceeded to sign autographs for fans outside talk show studio. Which raises the question: Brandy and Ray J have fans?!?

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People do NOT hate Kim. People feel sorry for Kim because she is a plastic pathetic porn star who put out a sex tape where she got banged in her ass and pissed on just to become famous. Kim looks completely fake and has paid a very high price for fame that NO respectable woman would pay. There is nothing cute or admirable about a woman who took such a cheap and easy way to fame. And getting pissed on like a dog just confirmed our already low opinion of Kim. Sadly, for as long as she lives, she will never get away from her porn


We all know Kimmy leaked her sex tape - she's not going to openly admit it as she wants to try and portray the innocent girl act but we all know Kim is a HOE!!! lol there is a video on you tube to Ludacris song you is a hoe showing all the men Kim slept with.


what dirty stuff has Brandy done to other people in the entertainment industry Karen? Did you know Kim Kardashian was going to be taken to court for stealing thousands of dollars from Ray J's mother? If she was so rich from daddy's money why did she need to steal from her employers?


Brandy had her own sucessful singing career in the 90's and her own tv show Moesha. Brandy's brother was also a singer & actor.
Kim Kardashian was what a stylist? If she hadn't leaked her sex tape do you really think she would be advertising quick trim and all these other lame ass products?


Kim K was Paris Hiltons best friend she saw the kind of fame Paris Hilton had from her sex tape and decided to leak her own because she had 'no' other talent to become famous. Nobody knew who Kim K was before the sex tape and what kind of woman in their right mind would pose nude for playboy magazine if they was so ashamed of their intimate sex tape being released. Kim K is a whore and a media whore who will literally do anything for the spot light. She has slept with numerous men in the entertainment industry to get her come up.


Dana Please, that woman has whored her children out for fame ever since they were little, and the reason why brandy is in the position that she is in now is because they did so much dirty stuff to other people in the industry no one wants to work with her, and Ray J with his stupid reality show, they are a hot mess, all of them. Kim could easily be home living off of daddys money but she is not, just like the tape does not define Ray J, it does not define her, she is a savvy business woman and she is making it happen. You people kill me with this sex tape mess, it's over, she made a tape with her man at the time, it got out more than likely from that little raunchy Ray J and now people want to continue to judge her for that, she has done so much more since then. If you don't like her, just keep moving that's life.


Mother Norwood is correct. Ray-J has been acting and singing since he was a child. Kim on the other hand was unknown before wallowing with Ray J and other colored man in Hollywood. She blew up when she released her sex tape and since then she has become a seller of sex and nothing more. She is a modern day Pamela Anderson who will be yesterday's news in less than 5 years. FYI, Kim just blamed her mother for forcing her to pose for Playboy to promote their unknown reality series which hadn't yet debuted. I wonder if Sonja will whore her children out for fame. Wait- her children are singing and acting stars who have made millions already off of their undeniable talent. What again is Kim's claim to fame? LOL


that woman is a crazy bitch, that is why none of the producers wants to work with her kids, because of her, brandy is a wreck and ray j is a hot mess, she is hating on kim, because kim is a smart business woman and did not let her little creepy son keep her down. I knew they would try to use this to hype their stupid show. Please, your son is a weasle and you know it.

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