Rachel Uchitel to Go Dancing with the Stars ... or Get Her Own Reality Dating Show

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Rachel Uchitel, the O.G. Tiger Woods mistress, has been hitting a Vegas dance studio, reportedly in preparation for - you know it! - Dancing with the Stars.

That would trump Kate Gosselin tenfold on the stunt casting scale. What's her title, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods (and David Boreanaz) Home Wrecker?

Fourth Place Finishers

This rumor has not been confirmed by ABC, however, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, we've learned Rache has other, more entrepreneurial plans.

Her own reality dating show.

Rachel Uchitel, two producers and an agent have gone to four different cable networks, pitching a show called - yes, we're serious - "Romancing Rachel." 

NO SHAME: Rachel Uchitel plots her next move(s).

The premise? Rache has a hard time meeting guys, thanks to recent events. Hey, it's hard out there for a home-wrecking, money-grubbing mistress!

Guys - hopefully not married ones - will court her on the show, which Uchitel has pitched to E!, VH1, Oxygen and Lifetime. Lifetime and E! passed.

VH1 (to the surprise of no one) and Oxygen are still in play, and one of the producers is Scott Jeffress (Jersey Shore, The Bachelor), so who knows.

What absolute trash. Her going dancing is one thing, but who would consider watching this?! Oh, who are we kidding, we're in. On one condition, that is:

Elin Woods busts in on the climactic date with a 9-iron.


She DID have an affair with Angel. Who knows how many other marriages she tried to break up. Either way, she's a filthy pig, who cares for nothing but herself. She needs to go away. I will Boycott DWTS...she is NOT a celebrity, she is a nasty whore, and homewrecker.


I am so disgusted by the Kardashians and the Hiltons and now women who are becoming celebrities because they are adulterers being glorified. I will NOT ever watch DWTS again if she is a contestant. I mean they are even talking about giving Jesse james #1 bang her own reality show. Is there no sense of pride or honor left in this country anymore?


I hope everyone chooses to boycott DWTS as long as Rachel is on it. Hopefully, DWTS will get rid of her real fast. Of course, Tiger is to blame too, but Tiger has made strides to correct things, Rachel hasn't.


Boy not only she's ugly but vile vile vile.
I thought she received 10 M $ to shut up it ain't enough ????
What does she want ? Fame.
Sorry bitch the only fame you are is for having slept with a married man with two little kids. It makes a whore, a homewrecker and a slut. Tiger the pig is at fault also but you were too. You were involved in an affair with another's woman man and now you try to capitalize on it.
I hope and pray that one day you cross Elin's road and she hit your nasty face with a driver.
Nobody wants to see you anymore. You are a nobody. You will forever be remembered as a HO like Monica Lewinsky.
Nice legacy. Your parents must be so proud to have raised you.


When the men cheat and the women know the men are married, They're both homewreckers. I hope Elin isn't getting over it, I hope she gets everything.


Muffy, you are right Tiger is to blame but so is this woman. You mean to tell me that she didn't think it was wrong to sleep with a married man??? She didn't think that having an affair with a married man would ruin his marriage? HE was 100% wrong in this but she could have said no too. Also, she is unbelievably ugly.


This Uchitel woman loves media attention and she cannot stand to be out staged from the limelight by Tiger’s other mistresses. So every now and then she finds a way to come into the media again, now by trying to get into Dancing with the Stars. I read that Uchi –Uterus has been trying to repair her W-H-O-R-E image because she is desperately hoping ($$$$) to get back with Tiger as soon as he is divorced or even before if she can. She wants to remains visible sending Tiger the message that she is out there still waiting. I also read that Gloria Allred may have used Jostlyn James to sabotage the reconciliation of Tiger and Elin to benefit Rachel. As you can see there is great incentive ($$$$) and interest here for these shameless, immoral women. Time will tell.


What is 10 Million not enough you whore!!


It was either home wrecker or whore (I prefer the later) Anyhoo. Why is she trying for DWTS? She can't possibly need the money, can she?


Can you please stop calling this woman a homewrecker! Tiger Woods was the Homewrecker, not Rachel. Tiger married Elin, not Rachel. And I don't even know if her affair with Angel is real or just tabloid gossip. Tiger Woods didn't invent cheating. Get over it! Now, call the guy who slept with Larry King's wife a HW.

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