Olivia Munn: Nude for PETA, Circus Safety

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You've heard of Water for Elephants, right? That best-seller will soon head to the big screen, where Robert Pattinson may play a key role in the movie adaption.

Well, Olivia Munn now wants to introduce the world to Naked Bodies for Elephants, as the talk show host/model is the latest D-list celebrity to strip down for PETA.

Munn sets her nude sights on the circus in a new ad that features the words: “As Nature Intended, Let Elephants Be Free. Boycott the Circus.” The billboard is located at the corner of LA’s Wilshire Boulevard and Highland Avenue and probably cost more to post there than it would have to actually save a few animals.

What a novel concept for PETA, we know...

Olivia Munn Nude Pic

To what other naked celebrities has PETA misallocated its funds? Find out now!

Says Munn:

"You look at something like the circus, and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and [the animals are] in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball.

"It was just so sickening.”

We don't disagree with that premise, just with the way in which Munn and PETA have chosen to attack the issue. Someone needs to tell us how the sight of a beautiful, nude female is meant to dissuade us from attending the circus.

Heck, we may go shackle a few elephants during our lunch hour if it means Megan Fox might get naked next.


Paying for an expensive advertisement that could raise awareness of animal cruelty and potentially inspire incalculable future prevention of that cruelty is a reasonable alternative to spending the same amount of money to save some animals now. Hilton Hater's implicit criticism of PETA's L.A. billboard (saying that it "cost more to post there than it would have to actually save a few animals") is evidence that Hilton Hater should stick to gossiping and writing about inane topics related to celebrities and not about important issues with meaningful impact on our world.


I dont know who this chick thinks she is, suddenly shes naked everywhere. Unless she shows all the goods, I don't think anyone cares.


Okay PETA let's keep the elephants in Africa where they get shot for their tusks. Circuses aren't like they were in the 1800's. The animals get treated like royalty. PETA is a serviceable organization they just need better leadership.

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