Nick Jonas Remains Mum on Selena Gomez, Virginity

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In the latest issue of Parade, Nick Jonas is happy to talk about his career and what inspires him to reach for great heights, such as a possible Presidential run in the future.

“I take after my father. He’s a driven person. He’s also a leader. He does a great job as a mentor to all of us," Nick says.

But ask the young heartthrob about his personal life and... well, don't expect a detailed response.

The magazine inquired about a pair of intimate issues and received the following replies:

On he and his siblings' purity rings: "We like to keep some things private. We appreciate it when people respect that. Everyone has a right to his own business.”

On his on-again, off-again relationship with Selena Gomez: “It’s a lot more boring than anyone wants to think.”

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As for his burgeoning solo career, Nick is humble - and hopeful.

“I hope my peers in music and my friends are liking it. I hope they can see my growth in music. It’s a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day... I’m not saying I’m Grammy-worthy, but it would be a dream come true.”


Those boys, Nick and Joe are way to sexy to be virgins. I always kind of viewed the rings as a challenge. Although I don't think it would be a big challenge especially with Joe. He strikes me a a bit of a ho. Not that I mind that. I'd do anything to get these boys horizontal. Preferbly together. O yeah I've wasted many an hour on that fantasy.


Nick deserves a Grammy award, I mean he worked hard, I can tell but it's just that he's different, he always needs someone to love him for who he is, not because he's a super famous star.


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Nick hunny u are way to good 4 u r a awesome singer and writer....hoping u do become president someday but i love u as a rockstar....and dont worry i think a grammy is coming your way
-bronny xoxo
ps i think its smart u keep ur personal things private smooth move my man!! :D


I'm glad they aren't together. Selena doesn't need him in her life. Hopefully she leaves him as part of her past and doesn't ever look back.


why did he go out with her. Is iteazy to ask a fames persin to go out with you. How old was selena gomeze when nick ask her out


He seems to say all the right things (like a politician). Unfortunately, in the rock and roll world that is boring so I can't really see his music lasting past his teenage years.


These things aren't any of your business. He is a great musician and a great person.


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