Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez: It's Over!

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Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez may not have really been "together," per se, since intel there was a bit sketchy. But in any case, they surely aren't now!

The singles market is up one Jonas brother after E! News confirms he's split from cute, on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena roughly three weeks ago.

Selena Gomez Cosmo Cover

They had gotten back together, supposedly, a few weeks before that.

With Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato dating and gushing, and Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa married, that leaves Nick the odd man out at the moment.

Where will he ever meet a girl willing to date him?!

Cute as these two are, it was not meant to be.

No reason was given for their latest separation, though we're guessing it's legit, given this piece of info: Selena Gomez has apparently unfollowed Nick on Twitter.

Man, that's got to burn.


any seleb that dates is up for the beat down the poperousy is going to give them salina n nick is no exseption you ..good.. people need to know whats what. any person with fame will always be followed by poperousy to my words salina n nick both need to be hit with a big slap on the face for leting things spiral out of there control tells u thay still need to grow up much more


I agree with Chrissie, good on u. X


Cant u all just leave them all alone, Nick and Selenas private lives are nothin to do with anyone, they are regular people who just want to live their life like everyone else.
Im sorry if I sound harsh, but I feel sorry for young Celebraties. xx


selena why did u broke-up


ohhh thats sad man they were a very very cute couple
i love love selena gomez and even nick tooo sad they broke upppp:(


selena and nick were never a coule, they were just friends, she een confimed this like a hounred times that nick was just a good friend! its over for good! they are not following each other on twitter anymore!


I love selena i am a girl I am her biggest fan ever my room is coverd of her even my competer backround is her I LOVE SELENA!


god nick you went through miley than selena i feel sorry for you but ya and hope you find someone some day


Abe Nick Jonas si e za Miley Cyrus tova ne go li razbrahte ve4e taq Selena Gomez ne e za nego?Niley forevar?


i do not understand that "o i really like not"and after a year or not "o hi let`s get tougethera again"like with miley

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