Miley Cyrus to Host Awards Show, "Blow People Away" with New Video

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A few days after Demi Moore Tweeted that she'll play the mom to Miley Cyrus' character in the upcoming film LOL, we've got a couple other tidbits related to the teen queen to pass along:

  1. Miley will host the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards, taking over for last year's emcees, The Jonas Brothers. The event will take place later this year in Toronto and mark Miley's second hosting gig.
  2. While the music video for Cyrus' upcoming single, "I Can't Be Tamed," won't be released until May, an insider has seen snippets of it and told E! News: "Imagine 'Party in the USA' on steroids. It will blow people away."

What's Miley gonna do, slither up and down a stripper that sits atop an ice cream truck? Oh. Wait. She already did that.

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I love it when people like you make a big deal out of stupid stuff. Just keep giving her more attention :)


@Dee: Haha, I've corrected the first error, thank you.
As for the second: Are you really making the argument that I'm "deceiving" readers because your definition of the word "slithering" differs from mine?
Perhaps I should change it to "inappropriately writhing like she's a stripper instead of a 17-year old with even younger fans" and we can be in agreement.


There are two glaring errors in your article. It is not her first hosting gig. She hosted the Teen Choice Awards. No matter how many times you watch the video, there is no slithering on the pole. Either you are purposely deceiving your readers or you don't know what you are writing about. Which is it?????


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