Miley Cyrus to Host Awards Show, "Blow People Away" with New Video

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A few days after Demi Moore Tweeted that she'll play the mom to Miley Cyrus' character in the upcoming film LOL, we've got a couple other tidbits related to the teen queen to pass along:

  1. Miley will host the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards, taking over for last year's emcees, The Jonas Brothers. The event will take place later this year in Toronto and mark Miley's second hosting gig.
  2. While the music video for Cyrus' upcoming single, "I Can't Be Tamed," won't be released until May, an insider has seen snippets of it and told E! News: "Imagine 'Party in the USA' on steroids. It will blow people away."

What's Miley gonna do, slither up and down a stripper that sits atop an ice cream truck? Oh. Wait. She already did that.

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Let's leave it to the readers of this thread. Thanks for the exchange.


@Dee: I've linked to the photos. I've linked to the performance. Did you not click on those? Have you not read the comments? Over 75% of them think Miley is entirely in the wrong.
As enjoyable as it is to nitpick your claim that the actual photo doesn't show her thrusting, nothing would make me happier than to leave all this to our readers. Click around our site. You may be disappointed to see what they think of Cyrus.


Please, supply the reader with a link to the actual performance. Also supply them with a link to an actual pole dance. Let them decide. As far as your picture is concerned, there is no thrusting. Her pelvis is in it's normal position. Again let the readers decide. It's amazing how hard you are trying to justify your skewed viewpoint. And yes, shame on you.


http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... Man, what was I thinking referring to that photo as slithering and writhing?!? Miley is clearly just squating down next to a long, metal pole, extending one hand to the top of it and using that to thrust her pelvis toward the poll. No idea why anyone would butcher the English language in such a manner and paint any picture of Cyrus acting like a stripper at all. Shame on me.


@Dee: I also supply the reader with a link to the ridiculous dance in question. He/she can judge for themselves. They seem to have already done so, based on the numerous comments hammering -- editor's note: "hammering" may literally refer to a tool, but that is not how the English language is used -- Miley and her family for the stripper-like shenanigans.


If your article was a work in creative fiction, I would have no problem with the words slithering and writhing. Your article is not creative fiction. Your comment was for a real life event. As such the words are inappropriate. They do not describe it. You supply the reader with a deceptive verbal picture of the event. In that way you failed to clearly communicate. Hopefully your "Master's in Print Journalism" has a chapter on the importance of clear communications. If so, you might want to read it.


Whether she is slithering OR writhing, she will still be the most overrated girl in the world.


@Dee: You've never read a book, have you? Do you think all words are literal? The Master's in Print Journalism on my wall is shedding tears -- oops, sorry! Shedding is literally defined as the "losing of one's skin or fur." - tears over my misuse of vocabulary.
The worst part of this: You've never been writhing in ecstasy. I'm very sorry about that.


Honestly, you call 120 seconds of HOLDING a pole, stripper behavior? Maybe you should go check out some strip clubs or better yet, watch Demi Moore's movie AGAIN. I don't think holding onto a pole while squatting maybe 2 times is considered "slithering" up and down a pole. Her neither regions, neither slithered nor ground into the pole once, nor did she shake her butt or her boobs. Only thing she may have done wrong, was wear short shorts. But if we go there, you might as well start hacking into half the kids 12-20 that live in California and Florida that don't see her as a role model.


Slithering=To glide or slide like a reptile Writhing=To twist, as in pain, struggle, or embarrassment. Strongly suggest you learn what words mean.


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