Miley Cyrus Thinks She Might Deserve an Oscar For The Last Song

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Miley Cyrus is incredible in The Last Song ... just ask Miley Cyrus!

Critics have widely panned the film, which is the teen queen's first major acting role outside of Hannah Montana, but that hasn't made Miley any more humble.

On the contrary, so convinced is she that this is her big break into acting stardom that she's thrown around the word "Oscar," according to close sources.

And she's apparently serious, too.

"Miley really thinks she is this big time actress," says a pal. "The publicity is going to her head. She's gotten mixed reviews but only hears what she wants to."

Cute? Absolutely. Award-winning thespians? Hardly.

While the 17-year-old has yet to make such a claim in public, thise close to her say she's already talking about commanding twice the money for her next role.

"Her ego is out of control," another source says.

"Producers and more experienced actresses who have talked to her just roll their eyes when she talks about maybe winning an Oscar ... it's a complete joke."

Maybe if she hadn't deleted her Twitter, she'd realize that while The Last Song will surely do well commercially, she's not exactly God's gift to acting. But no ...

Just kidding. April Fools! We just couldn't resist an opportunity to write a story about Miley being full of herself ... which she really hasn't been as much lately.

In truth, she's made no such claims about her own performance in The Last Song, other than that she loved it for bringing her together with BF Liam Hemsworth.

She also enjoyed the experience in general and now she wants to focus on acting going forward, while semi-retiring from her music, which she plans on quitting.

But she has no delusions about being an award-winning actress. At least not yet. Maybe a couple of feature films down the line, that side will rear its ugly head!

It wouldn't be totally surprising. Anyway, in other fake April 1 news, did you hear Kate Gosselin got kicked off Dancing with the Stars?! What a raging b!tch ...

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noah ur such a fugly idiot


its only a joke u people take it 2 seriously


haha haley1020 it really isn't that funny miley can act unlike u if she's a slut then ur a fucking bitch hobknocker hows that!!!!!


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to all those who are bashing miley and Hollywood, please remember that this article is abt an april fools joke....its not meant to be taken seriously..... having said that, i must say that Hollywood is doing one heck of a good job here....and the bashing he is receiving from all the loser-haters are getting increasingly pathetic, cheap and even desperate, which shows that they themselves know that what they say are wrong and driven by their hatred for miley(for whatever reason i dont know and i dont care).....


hollywood is an idiot but he/she is funny in a retarded down syndrome kid kind of way. You know, when they think they are all clever n' crap, and really everyone is just laughing at them-not with them. And he/she makes no sense whatsoever. I know, i know, I will be the next one of his/her little targeted tirades...dont care.


Well, atleast she is on track for a Razzie. She was nominated last year for that Hannah Montana movie; she should have won.


HAHA wow what the heck she can't even act and she's also a slut that will not get her the academy award it might get her best slutty actress in a motion picture though


And to NYC...I'd have to say I agree 100% w/you.