Miley Cyrus Moves Out: The Deets!

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A couple weeks ago, we reported that Miley Cyrus was moving out.


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    hi miley cyrus i love you so much i need you so much
    i didnt la hoywood hi selena gomez i need you so much ermember me Destiny my middlename is was joy i will go to see Disney channel pepole come see me hi joe jonas i need you so much and hi nick joans i need you so much hi kavin joans i need you so much
    hi selena gomez i need you so much remember me Destiny


    get off her fliping back shes younge if she wants to she can she got the money to do it you wonder why super stars go crazy because of the paparazia allways bothering them for the latests and makeing things up its her life her choice your the best miley


    awww. lol


    @Sophie: My apologies once more. Someone is using your @name on another site then and told her age. Even though you're 13 you still have to be careful,alright? The world is beautiful in many regards but it's twisted in many ways too. I'm not saying,'don't speak your mind'. I'm only saying be careful. Be aware,okay? And allow me to say again that I'm sorry for calling you the other girls age. I just happen to see the @name and thought it was you. Have fun,and may all of your dreams come true. You're still sweet though LoL--hope that never changes. Later-on;Hollywood...


    sorry hollywood. that was another sophie. im 13


    @Sophie: You are very sweet. As I understand it though,from another site,you are 9-years old. You're very brave to be out here trying to stop Miley Bashing. I hope you have your parents permission. Be very careful out here in cyber space,there are a lot of freaks and bad people. Be careful how much you let anyone know, okay? And if anyone starts saying things that make you uncomfortable, or that you know are wrong,be sure and let your parents know,alright? There was someone not too long ago not much older than you who got hurt by someone from the internet. She was close to me,and I've never gotten over the fact that I wasn't in a position to do anything about it. I really don't want to see any more little one's hurt. It's part of the reason I'm out on certain site's to defend others... So please be careful,okay? It's great you show your support for Miley---I just want you to be careful. Bye,sweet one. Hollywood


    @hollywood needs to be knighted as a ledgend lol.


    @sophie: My fullest apologies. I certainly did let your comment slip by. You stood up for Mile's and I didn't include you. My Bad...Sorry you became bored with my comment. I do tend to get a little long-winded when I expound on M.C. Hope you like what I write in the future,a little better,ok? And I hope you'll continue to stand-up to Miley Bashing wherever you see-it. Bye now;Hollywood...


    @hollywood im slightly offended that you didnt mention by grueling speach towards hilton hater lol. u should write in paragraphs so people dont get bored reading what yuv put


    OMFG. WHO CARES??????

    Seriously, all you teeny boppers getting your panties in a bunch over what everyone says about this girl need to GROW UP. Miley is a no talent, wanna-be edgy, snaggle tooth, man voiced little girl who desperately seeks attention all the time. She is so irrelevant to the world, why bother with posting this about her? The only reason that guy is with her is to get himself publicity. Now that everyone knows who he is, he will soon break up with her. Thank God, he can do so much better.

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