Miley Cyrus Makes a Wish Come True for Fans, Gets Props from THG

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Despite our differences over years with Miley Cyrus, we're happy to give the singer credit when credit is due.

Miley took the stage yesterday as a big part of Make-A-Wish Foundation’s "World Wish Day" at The Grove in Los Angeles, joining Mark Ballas and Jordan Pruitt and putting on a performance for those in attendance.

Singing on Stage

In other Miley music news: she'll release a new album on June 22 and premiere the video for "Can't Be Tamed" on May 4. Word is, it will be quite raunchy and buzz-worthy.

Below, we've posted a slew of Cyrus photos from this event, followed by her performance of "The Climb" at the concert.

  • Make a Wish Concert
  • Grove Concert
  • Making Wishes Come True
  • World Wish Day Performance
  • Cyrus on Stage
  • Touching Fans

[Photos: Splash News]

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Miley SUCKS!!!!


miley coppies off of britney spears. But look at it like one could ever replace brit. Miley is a loser.


THATs miley cyrus.....the sweet, charitable, incredibly talented miley cyrus....


Way to Go,THG! Despite our differences over Miley---I do so Love-it when you give credit to the Supergirl...My hope is that you'll finally begin to see or understand what so many of us already see in Miley...The truth is,that she actually does many things for many people. I get it that the bad helps sell magazines newspapers and even boosts ratings for gossip sites,but---she is a whole lot more than that. Well,you're going to see her however you want to,but it's still nice to see that every once in a while,you guys cut her some slack and show the cool things she does...It's much appreciated by her true fans...Even though I'm sure we'll go a few rounds again later---Thanks once more,for now...
Miley: Keep-up all the awesome work,Beautiful. It is all appreciated by many all the time,okay?
Later on everyone;Hollywood---OUT!


hey miley cyrus i love you♥♥♥


people are not commenting on this because shes doing good stuff!!!
way to go miley!!!