Michelle McGee Works Pole to German Death Metal

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Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to know she is not a Nazi. The trashy stripper's music of choice is therefore a bit strange.

Michelle Bombshell may want to rethink her selection of German heavy metal the next time she headlines at Vegas club Deja Vu... if there is a next time.

McGee "performed" to two songs Friday, one of which was "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. Wikipedia says "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The lyrics, in German, translate to "Whoever knows pain is dangerous from the fire that burns the soul / bang bang, the burned child is dangerous / with fire that separates from the life, a hot cry / bang bang open fire!"

Jesse James' piece on the side is a classy babe.

Man, if that doesn't make you want to pay for a private lap dance from Bombshell McGee in the champagne room, you might wanna check your pulse.

Wonder if she handed out her Nazi photos as souvenirs. Follow the jump for a disturbing video TMZ got of Michelle workin' that pole to Rammstein ...


That woman is the last person on earth I'd want to watch humping a pole.




she is straight up trash no matter what kinda music is being played....to be honest people need to get their facts straight about posting what kinda music this is everyone was right this is not a nazi sympathy band....and why would it matter if it was...we are not from germany so we should not consider everyone that lives there to be nazis or their music...lol damn wake up american press she is the TRASH not this music or any german music for that matter peace and love


She isn't very good at "working the pole" is she?


It's not death, thrash, or even heavy metal. It's dance metal, apparently, though I think it's hard to categorise Rammstein at all. They're a left-wing band with absolutely no Nazi sympathies. Michelle might be a white supremacist, or not, I don't know, but the music has nothing to do with that movement.


Hello, I'm from germany. i get a shok reading this article. I must underline the fact that Rammstein isn't a nazi band. they are a famous band in germany. Moreover you can find their songs in the charts (not in time)! if it would be a nazi band, germany whould forbid it!!! I'm hundert percent sure!!!


If we are going to follow any stereotypes, then Rammstein is Communist not Nazi, as just about all of their members come from the Russian side of Germany. One of their members has lived some time in Moscow, and they have a song with some parts sung in russian. While I dont believe this crap I just felt like countering the simply ridiculous statements in the article with one that might seem even more ridiculous to the author, yet has some facts to back it up! If Rammstein, a strictly communist band, is death metal, then Celine Dion is a screamo style singer.


Rammstein are NOT nazis, and just because this woman chooses to use their music, does not make her one either. And BTW it is NOT death metal, if you are going to quote a genre get it right!.


i understand the point you and THG is trying to make...the point I am making is that 'that music' is not Nazi music...and just because she listens to it and you all think she's a nazi, doesn't make the music nazi music by association, moron.
The music is not nazi music...and just because it is german death metal and she listens to it, doesn't prove shit.


the point is not that you're a nazi if you listen to that music, it's that she posed in photos with actual nazi attire, has white power tattoos on her body, claims she's not a nazi and performs to that music. idiot.

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