Michelle McGee Works Pole to German Death Metal

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Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to know she is not a Nazi. The trashy stripper's music of choice is therefore a bit strange.

Michelle Bombshell may want to rethink her selection of German heavy metal the next time she headlines at Vegas club Deja Vu... if there is a next time.

McGee "performed" to two songs Friday, one of which was "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. Wikipedia says "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The lyrics, in German, translate to "Whoever knows pain is dangerous from the fire that burns the soul / bang bang, the burned child is dangerous / with fire that separates from the life, a hot cry / bang bang open fire!"

Jesse James' piece on the side is a classy babe.

Man, if that doesn't make you want to pay for a private lap dance from Bombshell McGee in the champagne room, you might wanna check your pulse.

Wonder if she handed out her Nazi photos as souvenirs. Follow the jump for a disturbing video TMZ got of Michelle workin' that pole to Rammstein ...


Rammstein aren't nazis. Assuming that all things German are Nazi related is incredibly ignorant and racist. Is she not allowed to dance to a song that she thinks will go well with her act? Oh, and metal isn't nazi either. Sigh.


Nazi death metal band? Rammstein? You mean that inoffensive industrial metal band? You want nazi bands, try Legion 88 or Supreme M.R.A.P., they're the scary ones.


Check your facts: Rammstein IS NOT a Nazi band. Even a 5 year old could verify this on Google....


This one Nasty looking person she's a Whore and the only reason she's in the news is because of Sandra and fact that Sandra husband cheated on her with this TRASH!!


I am so tired of this F*****g argument. I've been a fan of Rammstein for over ten years, i love the music and the live shows that i've seen and no matter what any one says they are not F*****g Nazis. They are not even death metal. They are industrial or tanz metal, Just because they are six big guys guys that happen to sing in thier native tongue does not make them Nazi's. They used tactics to get them noticed but what they do is done firmly done tongue in cheek. Richard by they way was married in a Jewish ceremony (Although now divorced) And one of thier closest friends in music is Skin From Skunk Anansie the she's black by the way. So this neo nazi bitch uses they're music doesn't mean they are Nazis.


All that comes to mind when I look at her is....EWWWW>


Don't matter what the hell is playing she makes everything sound and look bad!! She just needs alot of attention and money. She likes to bang rich guys so she can get paid! Obviously her porn website and anything else she is doing for money is not working!! What a peice of trash and she needs to crawl back from whatever rock she came from and DIE!! Please do us the favor...and I feel sorry for her kids, hope the ex gets custidy and she have to pay LMAO!!!


This sites are so eager por pageviews that all they write is lies... Rammstein as a Nazi band? Let's do the following exercise: I know 2 stupid americans? Does that mean all americans are stupid? I Thougt no... but i might review my own thinking according to your view. This trash "news" only misleads and supports a stereotype (a very ugly one, i might add.), and also means that the person who write it is as idiot as the label they put to others. Do your job, but do it well. Must of all, do it according to truth.
In Europe, at least, JOURNALISM is done that way!
Best regards
Miguel, from Portugal


hi.u r look good


Rammstien may be German but they are not Nazi's and theyve said they're against that.She's making tattoo/alt models,metal music etc look bad just cuz shes into and is a Nazi weirdo it's ticking me off!!

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