Michelle McGee Called a Dumb B!tch By Chelsea Handler, Bashes Talk Show Host's Saggy Boobs

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Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and celebrity gossip commentator Chelsea Handler are in the midst of an awesome feud. Here's the rundown:

Handler wrote that "Michelle really believed that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were separated and was 'shocked' to see them at the Oscars. I guess she doesn't read magazines, which makes sense since she basically has one on her face."

Good one. Offended by the tattoo joke, McGee then retorted on Facebook that Handler should "use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin... I've seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken."

Harsh. Handler then addressed those comments on Wednesday's Chelsea Lately, wrinkling her forehead and quipping, "look at my forehead you dumb bitch!"

It gets better still.

Michelle McGee is no fan of Chelsea Handler lately... or ever.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee went on the offensive on Facebook, writing: "Dear Chelsea, glad to see my grandma's old clothes put to good use in your wardrobe." Oooh.

"Her mu-mu's look AMAZING on you. P.S. You need to hire another midget to hold up those saggy boobies. All that breast feeding Chuy has really taken its toll."

Chuy Bravo is Handler's personal assistant who appears on her E! show.

That was a low blow. Your move, Chels. Make it a good one!


Michelle bettr not mess w/ this lady. Chelsea looks a helluva lot better, is funny & is more famous.


Lol! They are both ugly, Michelle is "famous" for being a model and I guess Chelsea is famous for being a not funny bitch. The thing that amuses me is that I hear all these comments about Michelle being a whore and stuff but not one thing about Jesse being a cheating asshole. I don't like any of them but the fact is the Chelsea tried to be funny making a comment and got told off back, that's what happens.


I saw your interview on larry king; first & foremost, your not funny. at all. Has anyone ever had the balls to tell you this ? 2. Your show is not funny. this chewy thing? are you F-ing retarted? 3. You have to be THE MOST obnoxtious loud bitch Ive ever seen. How the F did you get any amount of fame? Jesus Effing Christ! I 'd like to smack you in your F-ING botoxed forehead with a claw hammer!..on the claw side. You turm my stomach. Dude, you are soo f-ing gross. The only thing funny about you is the lower half of your body...it doesnt seem to match your upper half. ..being that much wider & all..? WTF ?? Lastly, never brag about being Jewish. In fact i'd bet you weren't even born a jew, you just converted or say your Jewish cause you thought it would help your career and your phoney climb. Wow, Ive lost all respect for Larry king. Do us all a favor and committ suicide or OD or something. God, I hate people like you.


Haaa! Sarah, so true, Michelle McGee really does look like Marilyn Manson--or at least an especially ugly version of Marilyn Manson.That is the most repulsive-looking thing I have ever seen in a world full of ugly.Does she really think she looks good? She looks like a used -up, effed-out old rag.Buy a mirror, tranny!


Michelle McGee is incredibly hideous. She should be so lucky as to look like Chelsea Handler. Michlele, just for your information, you ugly sow, overstuffed fake boobs like yours are not sexy, and you look like a blowup doll that somebody's ADD-addled kids drew on with a box of Sharpies. You really are one ugly slut. Id I looked as hideous as you look, I'd really and truly kill myself.If I were the disgusting gutter-slut you are, I'd slash my own throat. And how, exactly, are you a "bombshell"? Ypou look like a Petri dish filled to the rim with STDs and crotch crickets. I'm sure that thing smells really nice, doesn't it? I can smellit from here.


Geez no kidding! This pre-op is trying to take on Chelsea? And I'm sorry, but if you are a home wrecking bitch, at least have the balls to take criticism for the fact! And no, I'm not doubting this bitch has balls. And uhh... the boob comment? Just because Chelsea hasn't felt the need to stuff RIDICULOUS amounts of Silicon into her chest doesn't give RuPaul here any excuse to pick fun. Maybe she has what's called "self-esteem" Mr. Bombshell.


Nobody has room to make fun of saggy boobs when they had to fix their own with silicon, or more likely had to create some out of a man chest because if anyone looks like a transexual, it's got to be the marilyn manson look-alike here with ugly ass tattoos. At least the B?%^& could at least get GOOD tattoos if she's gonna make it her skin. Chelsea is such an honest, true, brilliant person and I'm so thankful Michelle has gone head to head with her, an obvious winner to Michelle's loser self


Go Chealsie!!!


Michelle is going to get slaughtered..


Hummmmm. Well I can't say that I'm a big fan of Chelsea but I've seen her show a few times. I would have to say that the girl (Michelle) doesn't stand a chance going up against her.

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