Michael Lohan Loves Attention, Hates THG

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Michael Lohan does not like celebrity gossip.


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    Way to call attention to yourself as always, Michael Lohan.


    Yet when asked when Michael was going to LA to help his daughter, he answered "In the next 2 weeks, I can't go any earlier because I am working on a big deal right now.

    So much for this being an emergency, he's got something more important like keeping his failure ridden name in the press. He's a fuck nugget and could care less about his kid but it's an excuse to get his ugly felon mug some air time. When she's dead he'll use her death to get press attention too. Same song different day. There is nothing he can do because she is an adult and can live her life as she pleases and spend her money how she sees fit and frankly I hope she dies with nothing left for those vulture parents of hers. Spend it all before you go Linds!


    You guys aren't worth the sweat off his brow.. then why did he take the time to write the email? That entire family is unhinged.




    It is my understanding that her mother (Dina) was her manager. In recent months, I have heard nothing about Dina stepping up to encourage her to get help.Lindsay's behavior has been begging for help for months,and she Needs for "concerned" family members to step in with the true intentions of privately staging an intervention.At the young age of 23 Lindsay needs to dry out,detox
    and be led away from the leeches who keep her partying while continuously watching her go off the edge.She needs help Now!!


    If Lindsay cleans up her act, who would pay Michael for all of his rants and recordings? If Michael wants to be perceived in the same light as Britney Spears' father, he lost that chance many, many paid interviews ago. This little love note is just more proof of his true character.


    This guy is dirtball. Free Britney and Hilton Hater are two of the greatest writers on the planet and should win pulitzers!

    If he really thought about it, he is the reason why Lyndsay does drugs.


    If your not worth his time or the sweat off his brow, why is re writing to you? FAIL.


    He's definitely sincere about wanting to help her, I think, but the point is that this type of behavior is counterproductive. DOes he not have her cell #?


    I have to say, I believe that he is sincere about this. Of course, he is going about this the wrong way. This is not how to have an intervention.

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