Matthew Morrison on Justin Bieber: Who?!?

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We love Matthew Morrison on Glee.

The Tony Award-winning actor is incredibly talented and entertaining in the role of Will Schuester. We even adore his hair, no matter how many cracks Sue Sylvester makes about it.

Now, we have yet another reason to give Morrison props, as he's put Justin Bieber in his place a bit.

"I don't get this Bieber thing," Morrison told E! News at this week's Academy of Television Arts & Sciences panel discussion. "I really don't get it. I hear he was in Australia and they kicked him out because he started a riot."

That's almost true, but it got worse in New Zealand: Justin's fans trampled his mom!

A Bit Cocky

Morrison added:"I haven't even heard his music. I couldn't tell you one name of his songs - and I'm not lying about that!"

Justin actually seems like a perfectly nice guy, but his mammoth success has gotten to his head. The crooner called out Disney, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers recently.

Asked if he'd ever want the young singer on Glee, star Cory Monteith laughed and replied: "What's wrong with a little Bieb? Everyone needs to be a little infected by the Biebonic plague."

Ewww! Let's hope Bieber wears a condom when meeting up in private with his legions of fans and this never actually happens.


now I love Mathew even more :D


Why does it seem to be always the celebrities problem when a fan gets hurt or someone else? It's not their fault, it's the people. They're the ones that cause the problem. They're so excited to see the person and somehow someone always gets hurt and than it's the celebrity fault. Bullshit. I feel bad for Justin Bieber sometimes.


Get your facts straight.
"he was in Australia and they kicked him out because he started a riot"?!? Not even close to the truth.
The organizers were totally unprepared for his arrival. Hundred, if not thousands more people showed up than anticipated and THE POLICE SHUT DOWN THE SHOW BEFORE IT COULD START. Probably would have been fine if they just took a little time out to control the crowd and let him perform. He didn't get "kicked out" he had another appearance in New Zealand the next day.


your so cute and in summer im going to see you one time its hot!


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