Manager Wants All-Britney Spears Glee Episode

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Britney Spears. Glee. Her manager wants to make an all-Britney episode happen ... or is just desperate for publicity and trying to leech off the hit series.

Whatever the motivation, Adam Leber is lobbying for a Glee-ful Britney bonanza, Tweeting: “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE?”

No word if this ploy will ultimately work.

The show definitely had a hit with its Madonna tribute, and a Lady Gaga episode is in the works (according to Glee spoilers we've read), but no Brit. Yet.

Not sure how we feel about this. Does Britney Spears really have an appropriate repertoire for the Glee club? It seems better in theory than actuality.

Then again, how can you not pay homage to this:

The Trailer Park Princess

We're on board as long as Lea Michele dresses like this.

With a lot of heart and plenty of soul (or just '80s pop), the Fox series has become one of the year's top freshman programs, so it's hardly a surprise Madonna approved of its tribute to her Tuesday. What do you think? Should Britney be next?


I SWEAR! Britney looks like they throw shit on her and shove her out the door! no one tells her how to walk, how to take care of her hair, posture...nothing. I mean she was taught all of this as a kid. She just looks lost at all times...or out of place. She really lost it. all she can do is make studio hits which is a gift many dont have but outside of the studio she is a wreck


Britney is a laughing stock and can't even take care of her own hair - - WHY would anyone want to mimmick this POS??????????




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Britney is a crazy crazy bitch slut. She needs to just forget about her career and sell fish at the fish market

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