Lisa Rinna on Kate Hudson Boob Job: NICE!

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Spencer Pratt is not gonna like this.

Lisa Rinna supports Kate Hudson's breast implants and the actress' decision to get them (supposedly, this has not been confirmed). As someone who's gotten a ton of plastic surgery herself, this makes sense coming from Rinna.

But didn't she lambast the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle recently?

How can you be opposed to Heidi's "makeover" and supportive of Kate's?

"I think everyone needs to do whatever they need to do to make themselves feel good," she told Us Weekly recently. "And it's nobody’s business!"

Except when Lisa decides to make it hers ...

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Kate Hudson's surgery has caused plenty of controversy.

Heidi Montag's husband, Spencer Pratt, has been an outspoken defender of his wife's plastic surgery, as well as a harsh critic of those who criticize her.

He called out Audrina Patridge's "Tijuana plastic surgery" and of Hudson, he asked, "How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts"?

The Great White is not the only critic of Hudson's.

Model Paulina Porizkova also said she used to view Kate as "an example of the perfect beauty with a small chest. Now, with her new boobs, she just looks like any California blond actress. Instead of enhancing, she has diminished herself."

As for Lisa Rinna, she says she doesn't know why people are obsessed with plastic surgery. "I couldn’t tell you [why] ... I have no comment to that."

Until she has a comment later today, probably.

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With all the plastic surgery Rinna has had, you think she'd have them do something better with her blubbery lips. sheesh


no chick wanna take any advise from rinna, shes surgery gone wrong, she looks like an alien and those lips are about to burst any moment soon. she would support any chick who does plastic surgery cos it makes her feel good that shes not the only freak around hollywood.


Ok you cant compare any of these 3!!! Kate Hudson has way more class then the 2 of them put together!! If she did get something done, it was not over done!! Heidi went from whatever she had to an F!!!! AN F!!! Come on thats a bit much dont you think! And as for Lisa, lol we all know or can clearly see whats going on there! Kate Hudson is not just a California blonde, she is better then that. A California blonde pays for it all and looks horrible without it, Kate Hudson is a very beautiful and talented actress. Stop hating girls!!!!


Why is this site even quoting Spencer Pratt as someone whose opinion matters? That guy is bat shit, he has literally lost it and he and his plastic creation need therapy ...BADLY!