Lindsay Lohan is Helpless, Possibly Broke; Michael Lohan is Shameless, Possibly Unstable

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It's been one heck of a week for troubled star Lindsay Lohan, even by her standards. Two months behind on rent, her landlord sent a legal notice to pay or get out.

Lindsay paid $23,000 and avoided eviction ... this time.

The one-time actress isn't pulling in any income and her prospects for work are near non-existent because of substance abuse woes, according to inside sources.

We've told you how people close to her fear for her life. Well, there is a strong feeling - even resignation - that Lindsay Lohan will die soon if she doesn't get help.

There is deep frustration among many that her mom, Dina, enables her by insisting Lindsay is fine. As for her other parent? Well, that dude defies description.

Michael Lohan, who has gone on a crusade against Linds' supposed enablers (and this website in his free time), is none too pleased with her recent allegations.

Yesterday, she Tweeted abuse accusations once again. His reply?

"There was no physical abuse," he said. "When there's yelling, I tried to shelter my kids from arguments my wife and I had. Dina unfortunately got the kids involved in the things we did, the arguments we had, and still does. She uses my kids as pawns."

As for his preferred means of electronic communication lately?

In an interview with E! News, he admitted that yes, he's been reduced to tweeting and texting with his daughter (and emailing us) to get his point across:

"I am not going to sit back and watch my daughter die or fall victim to something that so many other kids did. She's going to a rehab, there's no doubt."

"My daughter is going to go to a rehab center and she is going to get better. It does not matter how many times you go, but it has to be done the right way.

"I want her to be willing to do it on her own, and it seems that she's living in denial. She thinks it's OK and everyone says she's fine. But is she fine?"

"Is Lindsay Lohan fine? Tell me I'm wrong and then I'll stop."

Dumb Dina Lohan

On that topic, Michael and Dina are on the same page for once. He went on to play a voicemail recording on which Dina is heard expressing her concern for Lindsay.

"I'm telling you, Michael, time's running out with this kid; I know it, I'm a mother, I feel it," Dina said. "She needs to get to a psychiatrist's office today. Even if she just talks about anything. So she feels like she's helping herself."

Lohan said, laughably, that he didn't want to drag other people into this.

"I don't want to say anything about her assistants and the people around her, but I think they're turning a blind eye and that's enabling," Mike alleges.

"She went from such a vibrant, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, caring, loving and inspirational woman to the exact opposite."


This family put the "disfuntional" in disfuntional families. The mother and father taught their children NOTHING useful when they were young. How else could she end up? Jon Gosselin spending time with him tells me how sick he is too.


SHE NEEDS HELP ASAP!" And what kind of help from this guy do you think she should get? A conservatorship like Britney Spear's dad? I shudder at the thought. Jamie Spears really helped Britney get her life on track, but he also has total legal control over her. Michael Lohan is hardly the kind of father (unlike Jamie Spears) who should have legal control over ANYONE. Yes, Linsay needs help, but I think Michael Lohan would abuse his power if he got a conservatorship of any kind. Abusers always do.


Two of the most selfish parents on the planet.


Oh, I am just so SURE that Michael Lohan "sheltered" the kids from his arguments with Dina, just as he does (not) do now. This from the man who drags his dirty laundry out into the public nearly every day! Yeah, and I'm just as sure that there was no physical violence on Michael's part because he's never, ever threatened his girlfriends and women before. And he never, ever sends threats to media outlets. Michael, if you are reading this, look at yourself. YOU are the problem. YOU messed Lindsay up (along with Dina.) YOUR example of substance abuse is what Lindsay is patterning herself after. YOU are a nightmare parent. If you REALLY give a darned about Lindsay, STOP the talk, get on a plane and help her get treatment. WITHOUT ever saying anything negative ever again. Just STOP.


When it comes to our children,if they turn out okay,we as parents get 1/2 the credit ,but if they turn out wrong, we as parents get All the blame. Michael and Dina do Not need to be making a public spectacle and laying blame,they need to go to the court,get the proper paperwork,and let it be known that their daughter is a danger to herself. Waging public tirades about Lindsay needing help has done absolutely nothing to avoid the peril that she is in. Not another 24 hours need to pass without an intervention,the
family have proof that Lindsay is going off the deep end,and they are on the sidelines watching and waiting. Lindsay has some unresolved issues that need to be addressed,like right Now!!


I'm sure in a few years K-Stew will end up like this (LiLo) if she dosn't stop her drug use & binge drinking ways & maybe now it's a good time for Dakota Fanning to distance herself from her Twilight Saga & The Runaway's co-star or she'll end up following. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl


Didn't dip-shitt promise that he'd never record his family or publicly release the tapes ever again?



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