Lina Marulanda, Colombian Model, Dead of Reported Suicide

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Sad news out of Colombia today:

Lina Marulanda, a well-known local TV personality and model in that country, was found dead in northern Bogota today. She was 29.

Authorities in the area suspect the cause of death was suicide, as Marulanda reportedly jumped out the window of her apartment.

Lina started modeling when she was 12. Recently, she separated from her second husband and insiders say she was struggling with the failed relationship. The model was known in Colombia for appearing in fashion magazines and for hosting the news on Caracol television.

Marulanda graduated from the University Jorge Tadeo Spirited of Bogota. She made her debut as a news anchor in 2002.

Our thoughts go out to her family and loved ones.


I used to love Lina, what a beauty, but NO more.
Dear Lina: what I didn't know, lo siento, you were una cobarde,
You took the easy way out and left your love ones to carry the bag.
Never occured what were you doing to your family, you didn't really love them, you made a selfish stupid decision, rest in peace, enjoy the pain you caused to your family and friends.


Well this things happen everywhere, not just in colombia, there are deaths, drugs, corruption all over the world, we just focus our thinking and relationate colombia with negative news.
But at least see it this way we have very bright and beauifull people all over the world that is having difficult moments.
I am colombian and very proud of my country and my people, for instance Lina Marulanda a was great representative of my country who left us a good trace.
What I am not proud about is that people post too many stupid things about their own country. dumb ass


im ashamed to be colombian, this country is famous for THE WORST REASONS: deaths, drugs, corruption! way to go colombia, way to go!!!


Very Very sad she was a inteligente and brite person,is hard to thing that she took her own life,pray for her family she will be missed


Where did I go wrong? My familiares have been killed there. I have been looking the revolver from the wrong end. facts r facts. There are a lot of really nice things in Colombia, but the fact is that too much bad, real bad. it's not badmouthing, it is a reality. Get over yr complex or inferiority of Colombia(n), you have no reason for it, you are no worse, no better, but the facts are facts, don't be a colombian in this matter (the other sport) Tirofojo


this masage is for!! tirofijo !!! stop talking so bad about my country this is something very sad


Can't believe it. Less the suicide.
Think about it. People who commit a suicide , how many jump from their apt to the street? Or isn't so, that most want die without
a big fanfare. You really believe that Lina jumped to street for everybody to see her dead body, come on..
These "suicides" happen all day long in Colombia. Been living there on and off some 15 yrs and there any major dispute, love affair, what ever can and will easily end with the help of sicario.
A life in Colombia can go for as little as U$ 50, yes fifty. Over there they kill people like we kill fly, no remorse, untill these days very little investigations too (too many to investigate).
Horrible, horrible, Line rest in peace.


She was 29. Her 30th BD was on this May 15th.
And the police is still investigating if it was in fact a "suicide" or if it was just an accident. Please dont write as if it was already ruled by the police!!!!!
She was an amazing person, had a big heart. I pray for her familia. Her parents and her sister. She will be missed.


If I recall a young "Russian" model did the exact same thing awhile ago. It is so tragic and Blessings sent to her family! It is so sad when people in general, in particular Beautiful women take their lives, I am sure we all felt similar feelings (I know I have a time or two), but the struggles will come to pass. If you know someone so sad or depressed in life, that is the time to reach out! Everyone needs love and no break-up in a relationship should warrant those feelings. It is hard to cope sometimes, but life is so short as it is and a precious gift in itself as it is. We all need support and love from people. God is the only answer!!!

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