Lauren Conrad Dishes on BFFs, Hair Extensions

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Who better than reality TV’s favorite BFF to cover the“Friendship” issue of Glamour? Lauren Conrad does the honors, joined by friends Whitney Port and Lo Bosworth.

“They’re my support system,” says Lauren, who went on to divulge a rare confession about her famously shiny, wavy hairstyle: “These are all extensions.”


“I chopped my hair off to my shoulders. I thought I was doing a chic bob. It was so bad,” says the chick lit novelist and designer, who also dishes on body image.

“I’ve never felt a push to be stick thin,” the 24-year-old says. “I try my best to work out and eat healthy, so mostly it’s about being in shape and having energy.”

LC in Blue

A great support system always helps - especially when you're dealing with body issues every girl faces but living under a microscope in L.A., Lauren Conrad says.

But even with all that work, the star has to accept her imperfections. “About a year ago, I looked down and thought, ‘I have cellulite. Where did that come from?’ I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere.’”

While she left The Hills (click here for the final season trailer), and is in the public eye a lot less, she seems healthier and happier than ever. Makes you think!

Our gallery of Lauren Conrad pictures proves, you don't have to dress scantily (cough, Kristin Cavallari) or get a ton of plastic surgery (cough, Heidi Montag) to be beautiful. It's nice that young girls have a role model like this one.


I'm with hellion. L Cs attached to fame just like Heidi, only less desperate. Her only claim to fame is the hills. She has no skills and when the hills become an official joke, no one will want to buy her stuff, which is all based on that lame series - her clothing, her 'books' her whole persona. It's fun to watch and she comes out an okay person, but she is far far from Danica Mckellar


Does it really matter where she's from. The point is she's a role model because she just gets on with things and hasn't seemed to fall into the trap of being fame hungry. She's a healthy role model too and at least she's an example of someone using a high profile like that not to get noticed to become a famous singer (Heidi) or an actress (Kristin/Audrina) but to create a business from themselves. She seems like the one whose actually worked to get where she is and was consistant doing it on and off the show.


SHE IS A+!!!


Duh, of course they're hair extensions! Her shorter hairstyle was shown in about Season 2 or 3 of the Hills, and sometimes you can see the extensions because they're a lighter blonde than the roots of her hair.


i like kc i think she is a good role modle think britney and avril and lisdany they r all bed rol modle


i think the point is that she doesnt get plastic surgery and isnt a complete fame whore like the rest of the girls on the show


Role model??? So we want our girls to look up to valley girls whom only interests in life are fashion, modeling and hair extensions? I'd rather my daughter look up to someone like that girl from the Wonder Years who writes books about calculus rather than a girl who writes pointless novels about typical "valley girl" nonsense.

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Someone with a great sense of humor is the most important thing, and someone who really supports me in everything I do... I don’t ever want to make an excuse for trying to work hard and having my own life. I love a guy that supports that and loves that.

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I don’t feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It’s so feminine.

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