Larry King Divorce From Shawn Southwick: Game On!

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Bring on marriage #9.

Despite rumors of a possible reconciliation with his wife, Larry King is holed up in a Beverly Hills hotel and remains "committed to his divorce."

"The divorce is full steam ahead," says a source close to the situation, noting that relations remain amicable, but for the sake of their children.

The source says that Shawn Southwick remains in the family's Beverly Hills home with their two kids while King has been residing in a hotel.

He's staying about a mile away. Reports of the two patching things up arose when they agreed to seek counseling - but not to remain married.

Larry Kind and Shawn Southwick wed in 1996.

"People go to reconciliation to save their marriage or to make sure their actions are in the children's best interest," says his lawyer Dennis Wasser.

"If I were a betting man, it's for the latter."

The insider also confirms that Larry King doesn't have a prenup. "He really thought this was the woman for the rest of his life," the source said.

"He's sad that it turned out differently."

As for rumors that King had an affair with Shawn's younger sister Shannon Engemann, the source confirms that there was a close relationship.

However, "Larry never had sex with her." Hmm. Something of a vague denial if you read between the lines. What about flirting, even kissing?


What's the matter with these old farts? Do they think these young pretty gals really love them or are attracted to them? Larry King and all the rest like him are stuck on "stupid"!


georgi, funny. It really IS hard to believe this guy is such a ladies man and the younger ladies he gets. Wow.


No amount of money could ever be enough to get into a bed with that! At his age, it's obscene to even think about it. Oh my goodness! I have created a visual image for myself! Help!!


No prenup?? I am No finacial expert,but with No prenup it would be cheaper to keep her,and resolve their issues.
At Larry's age, and children who Need both parents,I am hoping these two lovebirds are able to repair their differences, if Not
you can bet your last pair of suspenders,this splituation will generate more publicity than his top rated show.

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