Lady GaGa, Conan O'Brien, Others: Very Influential

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Time Magazine has come out with its annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people.

It's divided into four categories (Leaders, Heroes, Thinkers and Artists), although we have no idea how Sarah Palin ended up in the number-nine slot as a "Leader." What does she lead, exactly? Whatever organization pays her the most money to speak at its event?

But anyway.

Lady GaGa is considered the most influential artist on the planet, with Conan O'Brien ranking second. Also in the top 10: Oprah, Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson.

So Very Influential
Prince Pic

The magazine spoke to a number of people closely associated to these celebrities and received the following takes on them:

Cyndi Lauper on Lady GaGa: Lady Gaga's art captures the period we're in right now. She isn't a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the sculpture.

George Lopez on Conan O'Brien: Conan's tenacity and wit have been an inspiration to me on my own late-night show. I'm happy and proud that we'll be playing on the same team when he comes to basic cable.

Chris Weitz on Robert Pattinson: Rob is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends — a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

For the complete list of influential artists, see below.

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. Conan O’Brien
  3. Kathryn Bigelow
  4. Oprah Winfrey
  5. Valery Gergiev
  6. Robert Pattinson
  7. Ashton Kutcher
  8. Suzanne Collins
  9. Taylor Swift
  10. Neil Patrick Harris
  11. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
  12. Prince
  13. Lea Michele
  14. Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik
  15. Simon Cowell
  16. Neill Blomkamp
  17. Elton John
  18. Marc Jacobs
  19. David Chang
  20. Banksy
  21. Chetan Bhagat
  22. Sandra Bullock
  23. Ricky Gervais
  24. Han Han
  25. James Cameron

@randyjacksonsbutt, I totally agree.. Taylor Swift? I suppose she influence people who can't sing and make them believe that they can be famous too if their daddies buy them a record label and auto-tune. Oh, and make sure that somewhere along the way, have someone interrupt them so then they'll receive pity awards they don't deserve.


This article is proof that Time Magazine is lost. Ashton Kutcher? What??? I guess he influences people on how to be annoying. Neil Patrick Harris? Huh??? I guess that he influences people on how to star on a horrible sitcom. How is that show still on and who watches it? And what's up with Elton John and Prince being ranked? These two haven't even made a record of any significance this decade (or last decade for that matter). Did they just pull names from a hat? What about Johnny Depp? What about 50 cent?

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