Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge Shop in Beverly Hills, Pretend to Be Friends

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In just eight days, The Hills' final season premieres. The fake drama is already underway and being filmed, with familiar faces and story lines abound.

Last season, Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge pretended to fight over that douchebag Justin-Bobby. This season, they're pretending to be BFFs!

Hey, it's The Hills. Anything goes. Reality, schmeality, just give us Spencer Pratt talking $h!t about Audzo's "Tijuana plastic surgery" and we're good.

Here are Kristin and Audrina sharing a lighter moment. Take three!

Kristin and Audrina

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge like what they see. Cameras. Attention. Fleeting moments of additional fame. They hunger for it the way most humans do food.

With that tool J-Bob apparently out of the picture, one of the big story lines this season is Kristin Cavallari and her drug problem. Alleged drug problem.

As always, the line between real life and events manufactured for ratings is blurred by this show. One is never really sure what to believe anymore.

Except for Heidi Montag's face getting annihilated. That definitely happened. But anyway, click to enlarge more pics of the fake friends shopping ...

  • Not the Best Audrina Photo
  • Shoe-In
  • K.C. Smiles
  • Look ... Cameras!
  • Shopping Like Fiends
  • Pretending to Shop

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I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undretsanadlbe.


Come again. Audrina is as fake as they come and she just seems dumb on the show. It's unfortunate, but she brings all the pity story lines on herself. And her trying make fake stories (e.g Lauren sleeping with justin)well it makes her even a bigger arsehole then she first appears. Trying to buy airtime. Yes we know she wants to be an actress, so she needs to concentrate on that talent first. Didn't mean to bash her, but how annoying, I bet everyone on here would do a better job being real on that show. As for Kristen I'm glad she has come across quite well in season 5, she seems like a good girl, with a wild side.


I love the both of them they are real girls, I miss Lauren tho..i hope she makes an appearence at least..Love ya girls! -Tasha =]


i think they are somewaht friends now i dont think they were even filming in this picture just shopping.. neway does anyone know if justin bobby is gonna be on the new season?? just wondering


Its nice to see them both getting along :) I love Audrina shes soo lovely! I miss Lauren :( Cnt believe season 6 is the end! Hope Lauren makes a surprise apperance :)




Why does it bother people now if they have become friends? I think its nice to see them together as friends and out shopping , its America - its life people do get over fighting and grow up. I am happy Audrina is happy especially with Ryan they are cute together and lifes good, shes a good person and millions of us love her dearly.

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