Kim Kardashian's Plastic Sugery Secrets: Allegedly Exposed!

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There is little that Kim Kardashian isn't willing to show the world. Case in point: her raunchy sex tape with Ray J.

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    Everyone that's smart knows she looks terrible now with all that plastic surgery everyone in that family has had plastic surgery done, they are all addicted to it.Kim has class pictures in high school and videos which show her in her true form her smaller booty and smaller boobs were not that big and her face was more Armenian now she looks surgery enhanced to the max.Kim is like every celeb now claiming to be natural when most of them are not.


    hey kim u r the best of the best on hollywood i just wish i se u just ones cuz i thing u r a beautiful and i never see samebody more beautiful than u u r the best


    How is she Albanian? First off she always says in the show that she's Armenian. Second she has an Armenian last name & thirdly she looks Armenian. People are so dumb.


    Its ALL going to fall down for her soon..............


    ALL of you guys are haterss!!!! she is albanian!! if u wud all get out more you wud kno that carribeans (DR and PR included) came from Europe.. we wud have had to get our big butts from sumwhere... dont u think (Albania is in Europe, so duh). so before u accuse poor Kim of all those things know your facts! of course that one episode of keeping up with the kardashians she did have a little botox on her crows feet that didnt exist in the 1st place, but who hasnt! btw "ivy" this is for you!


    LIAR this girl has had it all done!! In the younger pic I am sur ethe work was already in progress!! Plastic surgery is addictive so I am sure she just keeps on getting it!! Looks like she has had botox, tons of it, fillers, mini brow life, breast implants, lipo suction, derm abrasion (she had bad skin b4) nose job, chin reduction, cheek implants, most likely butt implants (although Ihave not see b4 pics) and more than we know!! Good surgery!!


    kim it's clear that you had something done you dont look the same as you did befor.Why lie about getting surgery people are not stupid or blind,you may lie all you want but we all no the truth.Im puerto rican and only puerto ricans have asses like yours but your not latin so there for your ass is fack and so are you. My butt looks like yours but only mine is 100% real.


    OMG!!!!!!!! wtf kim we all kno dat ur a fake why do u lie bout it...just addmit dat u got plastic surgery. idk why u got plastic surgery just to look hot maybe dats why reggie broke u wit u...nobody likes u for u dey jus like u for ur ass nd ur boobs so dont waste yo time haha i tink i have a bigger ass den u sorry but its true


    Kim, stop lying
    you are as fake as a 3 dollar bill
    nose job definitely
    but lift, injectables, absolutely
    cheek implants, perhaps
    boob job, of course
    you looked totally different a few years ago, so why the hell do you lie about all your plastic surgey?
    You still have a long horsy face with gobs of makeup...but u cannot try and hide that


    The truth will set you free. She is a beautiful woman and even more so before the work but all the lying makes her look ugly.

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