Kim Kardashian: Spotted Snogging Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Reggie Bush may be moving on with Jessie James, but Kim Kardashian isn't standing around and letting her large breasts go to waste.

One of Great Britian's leading tabloids reports that Kim was spotted this week with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo - and the pair were snogging up a storm!

"She and Ronaldo were kissing and very affectionate," an onlooker told The Sun. "They looked to be getting on really well, laughing the whole time."

Glasses vs. Boobs

But the hook-up didn't end there: witnesses claim Kim jumped into a chauffeur-driven Mercedes G-Wagon later in the night, followed Ronaldo (in his Audi) back to his place, and stayed for approximately four hours.

She left the next day for the States, seemingly content with lapping up the sloppy seconds of her former BFF. If Ronaldo had planned on tapping the backsides of Kardashian and Paris Hilton, one might say he's accomplished his GOOOOOAAAAAL!

(One might also recommend a trip to the free clinic.)

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U think i'm jealous? Quit playin around the world... good that i left u coz u obviously 'go around' the world.


This girls whole life is a publicity stunt smh I bet Kim her pimp momma and her foul mouth sisters have meeting the end of every day to decide what bull sh*t stunt to pull next just so a few tabloids will print an extra column for them. I doubt if her & Reggie have actually split up


I heard this was a publicity stunt to get back at Paris Hilton for being seen with reggie bush besides I heard Ronaldo is a bit gay


i dont kw how lng this wil last but good choice gal.


kim kardashian is going international this time when it comes to romance


Don't tell us bullshit. This is a lie. Kim Kardashian is dating me and we are very happy together.


He's sexy, but she looks like a gutter slut.


You go Kim nice looking Portuguese boy friend dang girl he is hot the soccer player definetly an upgrade from Reggie Bush YOu GO Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are hot!!!!!


Kim has a rich PORTUGUESE athlete? How long will this last I wonder. European men fool around a lot.


Um Kim, I've told you before and I will tell you AGAIN....I can give a flying f@ck who you kiss, f@ck, OR let piss on your face. I NO LONGER have any interest in ramming your a$$hole, so if you wanna screw every man in the United States, please know that I could care less. Oh and tell your fake "boyfriend" to make sure that he wears 3 rubbers when he goes in your a$$hole. I wore THREE and you still have me a terrible case of the burns. Peace out Ya Sk@nky B!tch. Reggie

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