Kim Kardashian Shows Off, Exploits Nephew Mason

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Mason Dash Disick is really adorable.

We noticed this when mother Kourtney Kardashian posed with him on the cover of a celebrity gossip tabloid. We also took note of this when Kim Kardashian placed her nephew in the middle of a contrived Twitter war.

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage

In fact, we've commented on Mason's cuteness every time we've seen the tyke exposed online by his attention-starved family.

This happened again over the weekend, as Kim took to her blog and labeled Mason "the happiest baby in the world." We hope that continues to be the case, but we have our doubts.

At some point, Mason will run a search for his family.

He'll see their naked bodies in Playboy, their hypocritical stances on weight; their constant need for headlines and money; their pimping out of his presence in their lives, which only exists because reality show producers told Kourtney that a pregnancy would boost her Q rating.

It will be a sad day in the life of this infant. So keep smiling, Mason. Remain cute and innocent for as long as you can.


Well that was rude.
I think she's just a proud aunt...


Serously, do you even have a life of your own instead of concocting petty lies like this, non of your statements are true at all. A person like you who surround them selves in negativity live a sad and jealous life which is clearly reflected in the statements you have made. Your pathetic! Kim has every right to be proud of her nephew and flaunt him to world, who wouldnt want to he is absoloutly georgeous! The Kardashian Girls are all very humble and graceful women, so what if they want to go out and have a good time, everybody does!


Honestly, please get a life or something more substantial to write and talk about. Kim has all her right to enjoy her family however she wants to do it. Her nephew will be very proud of his aunt...


That poor baby having to look into the face of Jigsaw.


These negative comments are such bullshit. Kim is an aunt who is JUST freakin proud of her nephew! She just happens to be famous too! Freakin paparazzi using innocent children to make headlines. WTF?

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