Kim Kardashian Shows Off, Exploits Nephew Mason

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Mason Dash Disick is really adorable.

We noticed this when mother Kourtney Kardashian posed with him on the cover of a celebrity gossip tabloid. We also took note of this when Kim Kardashian placed her nephew in the middle of a contrived Twitter war.

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage

In fact, we've commented on Mason's cuteness every time we've seen the tyke exposed online by his attention-starved family.

This happened again over the weekend, as Kim took to her blog and labeled Mason "the happiest baby in the world." We hope that continues to be the case, but we have our doubts.

At some point, Mason will run a search for his family.

He'll see their naked bodies in Playboy, their hypocritical stances on weight; their constant need for headlines and money; their pimping out of his presence in their lives, which only exists because reality show producers told Kourtney that a pregnancy would boost her Q rating.

It will be a sad day in the life of this infant. So keep smiling, Mason. Remain cute and innocent for as long as you can.


its nice to see aumtie kim n nephew mason together


so brown..


oh my god !!!!!i am jealous i want to be like yooh and already be an aunt!!!!but i have a long time until i get older!!!!!! yooh are such a good aunt!!!!!!i really do not think your sister was ready for a family yet but she can make through the day and nights !!!!!!!may god bless your family!!!say hi to your sisters for meh !!!i am such a really big fan and so are alot of other kids!!!!!!i


I'm sorry but I think this is ignorant. I must say I rather see her on the internet with her nephew in something innocent oppose to usual photo ops. Why when she shares something worth sharing too the world you all find a issue with it? This is beautiful! Face the fact she's FAMOUS now whether you like it or not...ENUF said..


The Kardashian are too much in your face all the time. They are so starved for attention & publicity this is why which eva website you go on people have such negative things to say. I really wish they would all go away they have no real talent to offer the entertainment industry, she's no longer with Reggie she has to post pics of something else now in this case exploiting her newphew.


how lovely baby! a new mum. --------------------------- www janesongr wordpress com


THG is the only site that calls the Kardashians out for what they really are - untalented media WHORES. They are famous because Kim 'leaked' her sex tape - a sex tape that can still be viewed on the net. There a pics of Kim on the net with Ray J'S d*ck in her mouth - how classy. If Kim didn't keep leaking pics and fake stories to the tabloids her *cough* fame would have died out years ago.


Why is she always talkin pics with KOURTNEY'S SON? sHE WISH HE WAS HERS!


@Christen: Paparazzi?? Kim published these photos!
Moreover, get real: Kim does not "just happen" to be famous. Kim is famous because she methodically pays a publicist to snap pictures of her and her family, including Mason. You don't "just happen" to make a sex tape and "just happen" to let cameras into every fact of your life.


I totally agree with the writer of this article. It's unfortunate that his Auntie's sex tape will also come up in his search. There's going to have to be some serious explaining to all the future generations born to this family. These selfish women don't think of that, only themselves and the here and now. Shameful.

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